Blue Eyes

A little Italian corner for Blair

*** Rome’s Symbol: A wolf, the Colosseo, the yellow-red color ***

Ciao to all!

My name is Antonella

I’m 29 years old and I’m Italian. I live in Rome, a wonderful city like as they are any city where you live.

I found out the Sentinel world about 4 years ago but only  last August I finally convince myself to join the SA list and to try to write some stories that were in my mind for quite a while.

Then, I met Lyn who has become my precious and patient beta.

Now, she has offered to host my little stories in her site…

What can I say?

Thanks Lyn!

As regard me, I have lost totally my mind and my heart for our favourite anthropologist.

Blair’s expressive blue eyes, his warm and sweet smile have kidnapped me.

It was so that I could read the fics of the others authors that I devoted myself to improve my English, still I finally plunged myself in the fan fiction world.

I hope that you’ll enjoy my snippets.

Please, send me your comment, I’ll be happy to read yours e-mails. You can contact me here:



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