Innocent victims

By: Antonella


Warnings: This story is based on two facts really happened last summer, here to Rome.

This has strike me deeply.

Something of the kind, a man run over by a car, is happened to my father about 10 years ago, meanwhile he has driving the tram as job. He come bake to drive only 3 years after..

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Thanks to Lyn for betaed my story:


Innocent Victims

Blair, 16,20 pm

Early! Incredibly, for once, he was early.

This morning, Blair Sandburg, anthropologist, student, police observer, guide to the sentinel, Jim Ellison, left the apartment that the two had shared for the past three years with a full diary which was miraculously reduced during the day until finally he was able to leave the university and head down to join his partner, caught in a stakeout at the docks.

Certainly Jim would have liked his company and Blair would have profited to have a final look at the anthropology book that he had borrowed some days ago.

Unfortunately, Sandburg had not taken into account the about-turn of destiny that was there, ready to ambush him.

In fact, while the young man was lost in his thoughts he almost missed the car that approached him at high speed from the rear and forced him to swerve abruptly so that it could overtake him.

What happened right after was a blur for the student who only had time to think to himself: "Where the hell did that idiot come from? Didn’t he see the red light?", then brakes creaking, a torn cry and a terrible thud began his worst nightmare.

Docks, 18.05 pm

Sipping his nth cup of coffee, Jim Ellison stirred on the seat, searching for a different position to ease his stiffness.

The detective went on hoping that sooner or later, his unofficial partner would catch him... instead, Blair had not even phoned. He knew that his roommate had a full day, but he missed the young man’s chatter.

Stakeouts were usually very boring and Jim needed the voice of his guide to remain grounded but above all he had need of Blair because with him, the time seemed to fly, be it because the young man launched into one of his myriad of stories that he learnt during his innumerable expeditions or that he had read, or if he simply sat beside him grading his students’ tests.

It was enough to simply have his partner’s presence, because everything assumed a different meaning.

Unfortunately, for today Ellison would have to do without him.

The sharp sound of his cell phone awoke Ellison from his reverie.


"Jim, it’s Simon! I just received a phone call from an Officer Kylie. A short time ago, there was a serious road accident between 3rd and Mission. A hit/run, with two victim leave out ascertains, a young woman with her child of a year, I guess."


"Jim, forget the stake out and go immediately to County General. I’m going there also."

"Simon, wait a moment! What’s happening? What have we got to do with this accident? Why did the police officer call you?"

"Jim, take it easy! We’ll speak about it at the hospital, okay?"

"No, captain! I want to know now! What hell are you hiding from me Simon?. My God…Sandburg! It’s Sandburg, isn’t it? It’s not possible! He’s at the university, in his office…"

"Jim, hear me out.."

"Tell me the truth, Simon, is he hurts, what has he got to do with the incident? You said that it was a hit/run…"

"Ellison, keep quiet and let me speak, alright?! Blair isn’t responsible for the accident. He was indirectly involved. From what I’ve been able to find out, he hasn’t suffered any serious injuries, just some bruises. As for the rest, we’ll talk about it at the hospital, understand, detective?"

"Yes, sir," Ellison hissed through clenched teeth.

His guide needed him and judging from his captain’s tone and the way he refused to supply further information, Jim was convinced that the situation was extremely serious.

Emergency Room’s Parking

Thanks to his flashing lights and siren, Jim arrived at the hospital no more than twenty minutes later.

Simon Banks was already waiting for him in front of the emergency room, nervously smoking a cigar.

"Simon, have you heard anything? How is Blair? Where is he? I want to see him!"

Simon tried to calm his impulsive detective.

"Jim, listen to me. Blair is fine, at least from the physical point of view"

"What do you mean, Sir? Can you explain it more clearly?"

"Let me put out my cigar, then we can go inside and you can speak directly to Patrolman Kylie. He accompanied Sandburg to the hospital and was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident."

Without waiting for his captain, the sentinel rushed headlong into the waiting room and found the object of his search waiting by the vending machines. Ellison wasted no time with niceties and got straight to the point.

"Good afternoon Officer Kylie, I’m detective Ellison. I was told that you accompanied my partner to the hospital and I’m very grateful for that. Can you tell me what happened and how my partner was involved?"

Taken aback by the peremptoriness of Ellison’s tone, but seeing the clear concern in the detective’s blue eyes, Kylie quickly gave Jim an exhaustive rundown of the situation.>

"About an hour and a half ago, my colleague, Officer Newman and myself received a call from dispatch regarding the report of an accident at 3rd and Mission. We were advised that it was an assumed hit and run with two victims."

"Detective Ellison, during my time on the force, I have assisted in a lot of fatal accidents, but this was one of the worse I have ever experienced."

"The victim, a woman of about 30 years and her child of 18 months, that she was holding in her arms, were literally cut down, while they crossed the street, by a black sedan that completely ignored the red lights and then disappeared without stopping to render any assistance."

"The impact was so violent that the victim was thrown into the air, then landed on the hood of the car and was then thrown about 60 feet further on. We think that the driver of the second vehicle didn’t have time to react until it was too late. All the evidence at the scene supports that theory without a shadow of a doubt."

"The second car? That’s my partner’s Volvo?"

"Unfortunately yes, detective. I assure you that when we got there, the scene was really horrifying, there was so much blood, and that tiny body on the hood of Mr. Sandburg’s Volvo … It’s no wonder to me that he ran off in terror."

For a moment, Jim’s mind wandered away from the terrible story the patrolman was telling, imagining instead the awful tragedy that Sandburg had found himself caught up in.

He imagined the thud of the two poor bodies on the Blair’s car, the blood on the windshield, the terrified eyes of the anthropologist and it was then that Ellison registered Officer Kylie’s final words.

"What do you mean he ran away?"

"Right after our arrival, we ascertained that Mr. Sandburg was not there, and one of the witnesses reported that after he was helped from his car, he appeared overcome with shock and ran off, clearly upset."

"My god, Sandburg…"

"I decided to look for him immediately, and luckily found him about two blocks away, thanks to some passer-by’s, who flagged me down. He had taken refuge in an alley. He was cuddled in a ball, he was shaking violently and.."


"He was crying. I’m sorry detective, I accompanied him here and then I discovered that he worked for the PD, thanks to finding his observer’s pass, so I informed Captain Banks immediately."

"Patrolman Kylie, I do not know really how to thank you. Thanks for looking after Sandburg and for getting him to the hospital."

"I didn’t nothing special, detective, I hope that your partner recovers as soon as possible."

"I assure you that my partner and I will do our very best to locate the culprit of this terrible tragedy."

"I know that you will, Kylie. Thanks again and goodbye"

Left alone, Jim turned back to his captain.

"How long has Blair been in there, Sir? What exactly is his conditions?"

"Jim, I believe that it’s better to expect the doctor.."

"No Simon, I want to know what Sandburg’s problem is, and I want it now!"

"Jim please!. I remind you that we are in a hospital therefore….Lower your voice. As far as I know, Blair is in shock, which is frankly understandable, considered what happened, but I don’t know anything> else, so you just try to take it easy and wait until the doctor gets here."

Just at that moment, a doctor appeared and drew their attention.

"You are here for Mr. Sandburg?"

Ellison stepped forward immediately.

"I’m detective Ellison and this is my superior, Capt. Simon Banks. Mr. Sandburg is my partner. How is he? Can I see him?"

"I’m Doc. Andrews. Why don’t we go to my office where we can speak more privately?"

"No! I don’t want to go anywhere else, I want to know how my friend is."

"Jim.." Simon interrupted.

"Whatever you want, Detective Ellison."

"So, from the physical point of view, Mr. Sandburg suffered in the accident, a slight wound to the temple, presumably after he has banged it against the steering wheel, and a light bruise to the shoulder. Besides he has also some scratches and abrasions, resulting from a fall after he left the scene."

"I already know that. What I don’t know is how is his psychological state?"

"Detective Ellison, your partner witnessed an extremely traumatic incident over which he had no control. Sometimes when a person is deeply upset emotionally, they have defense’s mechanisms to protect themselves until the body, or in Blair’s case, the mind is ready to deal with the trauma."

"It’s that what’s happening to Sandburg?"

"I fear so. It’s a rather common occurrence in similar situations where a person suffers such a traumatic experience that they take some time to recover."

"What I’m going to say, probably may frighten you, but before you begin to worry seriously, I expect this to take several hours, perhaps some days before we see how this situation develops and to run tests on your friend’s progress. When your partner arrived at the hospital, he was completely unresponsive."

"He stayed asleep while we disinfected and treated his injuries and since then, he appears to be resting peacefully."

"Do you believe that when he wakes up, he’ll be better?" Asked a wary Simon, while the Sentinel remained stiff beside him, and becoming more and more worried by the doctor’s prognosis.

"Well, there is a good chance that the whole situation will resolve itself. We mustn’t forget, however, that there may be other reactions to this, such as insomnia, lack of appetite, sudden mood swings and so on. My advice is to take these things as they come and treat them accordingly.

"What can I do to help him?"

"Above all, you stay with him. He’ll need of a lot of support from his family, as well, so we should inform them as soon as possible."

"It’s not that easy, unfortunately. His mother is at some remote retreat in New Mexico and he has no other relatives, that I’m aware of. But he is my best friend " said the detective almost shyly. "He is my family and I’m his family. I’ll do everything that I can to help him!"

"Excuse me, detective, can I ask you a question?"

"Certainly> doctor, please."

" Is your first name Jim?!"


"Well, the only word that Mr. Sandburg has spoken, when found by Officer Kylie in the alley and then here, before he went to sleep, has been that name. I’m sure that your presence will be the most effective help in getting Blair through this difficult time."

"Thank you, Doctor Andrews. Can I go to Blair now and stay with him until he wakes up?"

"Why not!. If you follow me, I’ll show you to your friend’s room."

Before leaving the waiting room, Jim turned to his captain.

"Simon, would you mind trying to trace Naomi? There are two phone numbers next to the answering machine at the loft that may help. I don’t know that Blair would want us to contact her, nor that we’ll be successful, but it’s worth a try, at least."

"All right, Jim. I’ll work on that, you stay here with Blair. I’ll call by again tonight before I go home. If he wakes up or there’s any change, let me know."

"You bet! Simon, I want to know the second that you know something on the s.o.b. that caused all this."

"You just worry about Sandburg. Leave the rest to us, understand?"

"Yes Sir"

"Well, I’ll sees you later then…"

"See you later, Simon "

With those words, Jim left the captain and hurried after the doctor.

Blair’s room

5 minute later, the Sentinel was already seated next to the bed where Blair lay.

Studying the features of his face, Jim was surprised to note the pallor and his friend’s sunken eyes, an indication of the deep shock suffered.

Intertwining the fingers of his right hand with Blair’s, and caressing the young man’s temple with his left, Ellison begin to talk softly, promising solemnly, to his Guide, to his little brother:

" Don’t be afraid, Sandburg. I’m here. I’m here for you, to help you. We’ll get through this together. You and me, as always, right? That’s what friends are for, no… what are brothers are for!

Moving some silky curls from Blair’s forehead, Jim slid forward on the bed and cupped his friend’s cheek with his hand. When Blair turned his head into the Sentinel’s hand and a soft sigh escaped from his lips, Jim knew that their friendship, the deep link of trust and love that bound them would be essential to Blair’s recovery.

And he would accompany him step by step…



The end (?)




Every years, in Italy, there are about 6500 casualties.

The reasons are always the same: high speed, drunken driving, carelessness in account of cell phone and car radio, safety belt not fastened!!!

Please, be careful!!!

Thanx for your attention!

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