Those like me

By: Antonella



First Impressions

He is like all the others. I see it in his awkwardness. His difficulty to speak with me.

Like everyone, he cannot understand. He will not understand me. He doesn’t approve of those like me.

Those like me… yeah, because who am I? What does he see in me when we are together? I wonder what he thinks about those that ‘go around’ with someone like me.

Why? Because he is still looking at me with that odd gaze. Sad, or maybe disappointed.

He said that he isn’t judging me, my life. My choices… but it isn’t’ so. He is the kind of person that believes that there is always another choice, another way to take. It’s just that sometimes we don’t believe we actually have other choices…

The Turning Point

It’s ended. It’s really ended now. I have a chance. A possibility to be another person, to take again the rein of my life and direct it in a new and better direction. I must still get used to this unhoped-for upsetting that suddenly is happening to me. An old and bad chapter has been closed to begin another with much more opportunity and no compromise. Above all, I don't fear asking for help. I learned the lesson in the hard way.

From now on, I know that I have someone on whom I can rely on. Now I know that I can do it.

It’ll be a long way till I succeed in my objectives, but I have another occasion to realize my dreams and I’ll do my best to not fail. And I must thank him for this.

Nevertheless in my past he has believed in me. He risked his life to save me. Thanks aren't enough for all that he did for me. I will not throw away this incredible gift. It’s my promise to him. To myself.

On the other hand, I got rid of my pager… forever. I think that one day he’ll receive a card from Rome, after all…

"To Blair, Thanks for giving me again my child’s dreams!