When come the time to stop…

a little sequel of "Flight"

by Antonella

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How many lives are there in a lifetime?

You think it should be just one.

Or maybe not.

Perhaps there are different lives for any cycle in our existence.

You know, childhood, adolescence, maturity…toddler, kid, student, worker…son, husband, father, grandpa…

How many roles have we during our time in this crazy and wonderful world?

Me, for example. I’m a teacher but I’m student too, an almost graduate.

Till last year.


Today I’m also a police observer; I’m riding along a cop.

Surely not my mom’s ambition for me.

You image if she knew the Sentinel thing…

Man, I afraid that t a whole sage’s field it would haven’t been enough for her to burn for purifying.

Me, her little ‘sunshine’, Guide of a modern Sentinel!

Then, something happened.

A call.

My first mentor, my dear Dr. Stoddard wanted me to go with him for a very important expedition.

In Borneo. For at least a year.

To come back my beloved anthropology, my travels around the world, diving in mysterious cultures, rituals, and inscriptions.

After there was a second call. Simon and Daryl kidnapped, in Peru, during theirs fish and conference trip.

Jim and me we go immediately there. We had a mission to accomplish. All the rest must wait our return to Cascade.

We made it!

Beyond this little ‘excursion’ to save Jim’s Captain and his son, I had still another difficult task waiting for me.

Take a decision.

Not if to go or not.

I had already my answer for Dr. Stoddard ‘s secretary.

Instead, my problem was to explain to Jim my reasons.

Finally I give him the most direct motive.

For friendship.

The relaxed look on his face, his smug smile were the best gifts after the respective initial doubts on ours partnership.

So, where Am I now?!?

I say that I’m home!