A special evening

BY: Antonella

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25 July 2001, late afternoon in the Cascade PD.

After he has signed the umpteenth and fortunately last report, extinguished the computer and arranged the desk to really satisfaction, the detective James Ellison recovers his jacket from the hatstand and with pace tired he turn toward the office of the Captain Simon Banks.

After he has knocked and he has received a rough " Come in!" from his superior, Jim makes peep on the door to announce his homecoming.

"Hi Simon, I want to say you that I was going home, we sees tomorrow "

Simon, intent in his work, addressed his best detective with a surprised tone.

"Jim, are you still here? I believe that you was gone home hours ago!".

"The intention was that but I have some report to complete, besides there is put that damned computer that it’s blocked still…and here I am!"

"Where is the your shadow, he don’t promised that he coming to give you a hand?"

"Well, he has made it. Blair coming here in the early afternoon while you not was here. It seemed that all wrought but after a little the PC is blocked again."

"Why ever he is not stay, then?"

"He has says that he has still of the thing to make and that we’ll seen directly to loft. I hope really that he has at least prepared the dinner. I’m starving!"

"How ever Jim? No sweets today? You have not take advantage that Blair not there was to watch you?"

Jim answered with false irritation to the allusions of his captain to his foodstuffs habits

" Good night Simon, see you tomorrow..!"

"Yes of course detective, to tomorrow…!" answered amused Simon.


The trip to home seemed not end never for the slack mind of Jim and right to complete the work the lift was for the umpteenth time " out of order ".

This time, however, it wasn’t a completely negative factor, because while Jim process slowly for the staircase, he surges go his sense till his flat and he was sudden returned again by a delightful odour that compensated at length the sipped cup of coffee absent-mindedly and the sandwich that he has gulped down between a interrogation and a call.

But it was above all a plaintive pulse in background, ease and even, that stood out also on the dull noise of the building and the music that it come from his loft.

This was the heartbeat of his guide, strong and relaxed that anchored his sense, that attracted him toward home, from the man that it was become the half of his soul.


It’s a Jim smiling that enters to home and the atmosphere that he receives, delete definitively nearly every trace of the recent tiredness.

" Hi Jim, welcome home, as it’s ended the day? You are successful to end that report? I’m sorry to not stay so long."

Jim look your roommate with a touch of. irony

"It has been a battle long, I was surrounded by hundred of waste paper but to the end your Sentinel is come out victorious, and you, Chief? I see that you engaged to the stoves…uhmmm, Let me guess…" Jim closed his eyes and he concentrated on smell that coming from the kitchen.

"Pasta to the meat sauce, Parmesan, fruit salad and…cake to the chocolate? Dinner typically Italian, I say! To what do I owe all this choiceness? You have something to make it forgives? Or I have forgotten some anniversary?"

"In a certain sense! Now, you go to takes a shower it, make yourself comfortable so in the meantime I end to prepare and we canto be to table.

"Ok, Chief! I’ll make in a flash!"


15 minute after, it’s a reinvigorated detective that reaches Blair to table, where on his plate to attend it there was a pack. decorated with ribbons.

" What is it, Chief? It is not my birthday today!

"It’s true, but it’s your name day!"

In fact, on the tag that accompanied the little gift, it was written to big and coloured characters: " Good Onomastic Jim!"

Well Chief, I don’t know what to say. Thanks! But you are sure, I mean, I haven’t never celebrated this recurrence, I don’t know neither that this was today!"

"In effect, here in the US, the name day is not ( "perhaps" author’s note) a recurrence particularly remembered but in other countries as Italy, for example, this is instead a lot of important. You know that every town has his Patron Saint? And that on the calendar, every day of the year has his saints to worship? On the other hand, the 14 February all the world celebrates S. Valentino, instead today, 25 July is S. Giacomo, that is S. James, so my friend Buon Onomastico!"

Jim remains literally without word, he don’t can to believe that Sandburg was engaged like that for a event of which he practically not know the existence. A smile form without that he perceive on his lips. Why he is been astonished? This was Blair! It’s was were one’s this moments in which he found out to admire and love more and more his guide. For his attention for the little thing, the particular, that little and to the same big signs of affection.

After a silence bit, Jim resurfaces from his astonishment and he is realize that Blair was fixing he with ad anxiety in his expressive eyes as if to want to read in his soul if his intentions had been liked or less.

"I think that you have discover that today it was my name day from one of your innumerable book!" "Just so! Is a volume that I have found out in a little bookshop: "Recurrence and Popular Traditions in the usages and customs of the world" Oh Jim, you must read certain page that deals of some courtship ceremonials…"

"Thanks no Blair, of anything on deal, this don’t matter. Rather…now that we have verified that existed a S. James, there is also a S: Blair, maybe?"

"No, unfortunately there isn’t . On the other hand all you not made other that repeat that somebody as me it’s more that enough! That I’m one of a kind…"

"On this, I don’t can say that you are wrong, Chief!"

" Well, however…" The young-man adds with a malicious smile.


"My second name is Jacob, that translated in Italian becomes Giacobbe which he celebrated the 16 December"

"I’ll look for of don’t forget it when it’ll be the moment..! "

"Jim, now that your curiosity is satisfied, you think to open your gift and then eating?"

"You have reason Chief, immediately.."

Jim discard rapidly the pack and he raises the lid of the small tin that it was inside. Within there was a key ring with a ring from a part and a medallion from the other.

On a side of the medallion they were engraved stylised a panther and a wolf, they was suspended in midair as if to merge between them. On the other side they were engraved the date of those day and the word:

"To my Blessed Protector, love, Blair"

Jim stay for some instant astonished, the medallion between his finger and the thought in turmoil. Then, with a lump to the throat raises his eyes toward Blair and all that he saw is the big affection that the kid feel for his "big guy".

Overwhelmed from the emotion, the only thing that Jim succeeds to make is catch the hand of Blair that /it was by to his/ and to squeezes hard.

Understanding the difficulty of his Sentinel in the keep his emotions in control, Blair limit to change again the grasp, looking for to suit with a gesture what any of they two seemed to the able moment to express with the voice.

But this it was sufficient, to Blair was enough to look in the dampness eyes of his friend to know without a shadow of a doubt that it wasn’t more about friendship,

It’s about family:

The end

July 26, 2002