The Wished Sound

By Antonella

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Any moment, like now..

Come on, ring

What time is it?

How long is passed since I checked that hateful watch?

An hour? 35 minutes? 18 seconds?

Actually it seems a life to me…

In my line job the patience is all, but I'm not very calm in this very instant

I want to be with them, to know what is happening

But my place is here now

Someone it should stay behind and I cannot say not to my long life friend

So, here I am

Bouncing my knee, pretending to fulfil some reports, re-arranging arbitrarily a desk that isn't mine

With a one minded thought: ring.

The phone, my cell, the fax, anything…just let me know

Out there of this window from I'm looking all go on as always.

Isn't so for me, or for the people in the other room

Neither of us knows exactly the history behind but it serious…

…mortally serious

So I wait, the others, like me, trying to work.

Probably, many of them, maybe all of them, thinking the same thing…





I was so wrapped in my despondent attitude that I don't realize immediately that my wish had been granted

The long trill reverberating in the room

A hand on my shoulder take me back in the present and suddenly I almost I want ignore the persistent sound that I was fervently waiting for.

But I cannot disregard the eyes that are looking at me.

There is fear in those looks.

There is hope.

Those mans and women, this band of brothers

We are family.

Two of ours are in danger

Others of us are gone to find them.

To save them.

The display on my cell say 'Simon call'

I answer. I listen.

I close my eyes and I take a long breath.

I can feel the apprehension but now I can give some relief…

"They are alive"

(a Sentinel too missing scene from Cpt. Taggart pov)