The Rainbow

By: Antonella


I left so suddenly

that I haven't

the time to say goodbye



The instant is short

still more short

if there is a light

that pierced your heart

The rainbow is my message of love

it may be a day it'll succeed to touch you

with the colours it can to erase

the wasteland more humiliating and distressing

I'm become like a spring's sunset

and I speak like the May's leaves

And I flutter in any heartfelt voice

with the birds I live a sweet song

And my words more true and warm

express with the silence theirs sense

How many things I haven't still understand

that now they are become clear like falling stars

I have tell you that it's an infinite pleasure

to bring with me the memory of us like a treasure

I miss you so much my friend

so many things are left to say between us

Listen always your heart and your instincts

they'll never betrayed you

And when you'll see a rainbow in the sky

you'll know that I'm always with you