What am I doing here?

By Antonella

"Hi Hairboy"


//Please, my shoulder!//

"Hey there, yourself Henry."

"Hey kid! Have you finished with your books for today?"

//My name is Blair, damn! Why doesn't anyone use it when they talk to me?//

"Sure Rafe, the little bell has trilled and here I am!"

"Perfect! Because from the stack of reports on Jim’s desk, I think that he has left you something to do."

"No problem…"

//Oh wonderful, if I didn't already handle enough sheets of papers since this morning.//

"…and just for my personal knowledge, where is that goldbrick?"

"Down in Forensic, waiting for some results on the Walsh case. Perhaps it will be needed for a while."

"All right, I have taken the hint. I’ll begin without him."

The echoes of the detectives’ laughs followed Blair till he took his post at Ellison’s desk.

Taking the first folder of the high pile, the anthropologist began to brood over his position in Major Crime and his relationship with its members.

//Even today, the same ritual//

//Like every day, H’s ringing "Hi Hairboy!" with an accompanying robust slap on the back. A joke from Rafe and sometimes a half grunt from Simon//

Deciding that to face up to the bored task of filing out the reports, he required a good amount of sugared coffee, the student quit and headed resolutely towards the breakroom.

Making a new pot, Sandburg, without realizing it, began to talk aloud to himself.

"I really don’t understand. Why? Why do all of them keep on treating me like a kid. Who am I? Some sort of mascot? Or just someone that so differently from them is capable of> filing a form in an intelligible way?

It’s always the same old story. Before at the Uni, now here at the department.

Blair Mr. Know-all! His genius lordship!

As if were almost a fault to be clever. Perhaps it’s me, but I believe that by now the world is irreparably upside down."

Picking some fruits from the counter near the fridge, Sandburg went on with his soliloquy.

"Not to mention my job. Do you think that any of them stopped ever to ponder what it means to be a teacher, leaving out for a moment the student’s side?!?

I’d like to see them try to keep the attention going of a lot of kids, trying to put in those heads some basic knowledge of Anthropology. Something that is nothing like the new model of cell phone, the new sport car or the latest Eminem CD.

Oh yeah, I can really imagine Simon trying to illustrate the initiation rituals of the Anasazi distant civilisation. A real riot!

Sure, to be a Capt of a police department is a hard assignment that requires certain skills, but this doesn’t justify them to underestimate my job!

I don’t claim to be the difference since I've been partnered with Jim, but I think I often do more than my share here even if I’m just an observer.

Maybe, I made a huge mistake wanting pick up with this partnership. I want to be regarded as more than just Jim's sidekick, or the ‘professor’ that wants to experience the thrill of the danger, the adrenaline rush, to hover round the cops. Well, I have news for them. I'm not that crazy!

I just want to help Jim. In his work. With the incredible potentiality of his senses.

To be his friend."

A drop of hot coffee spilled on his hand when he poured the sweet ambrosia in his favourite cup and it took the young man away from his bitter lucubration/ranting.

"Oh man, I guess that I’m losing myself here."

"Hey, Chief, speaking to your cup again? I thought I got you out of that nasty habit."

"Ah Ah, Detective Ellison. Hasn't anyone ever told you that you and humour are highly incompatible? Well, it’s true!"

"Ouch, buddy, you wound me deeply. And here I was just trying to be kind to my partner.">

"How long have you been pretending to be part of the doorframe? And what are you doing with my backpack"

"Not much. Enough however to hear your talk to the furniture though I could hear you since I got out of the elevator."

"Oh man, haven't you ever heard> of privacy?"

"Of course! Even if it’s inapplicable with you."

"That’s a good one! Do you mind explaining to me why?"

"Simply because you are my friend, Blair. It’s my right and duty to know that you are fine and I mean not just physically."

"Jim, I don’t…"

"Listen to me. I have an offer for you, one that you can't refuse."

"Really? What gave you this confidence?"

"A dinner in the new Italian restaurant down the harbour. I have heard that its speciality is the ravioli with mushrooms or with the `ricotta' and spinaches. Besides, obviously various kinds of home-made pasta. Well, what do you think? Am I tempting you? It’s been a while that I wanted to have a chat with you and what better way than to share a good meal together while we talk."

"And how! Jim, tell me the truth! Has something serious happened? Are you hiding something from me? Is it your senses? Are you okay? Should I be worried?"

"Hey, Sandburg, calm down and breathe! None of the above. Everything's fine, including me. Honest! I just want to spend a pleasant and relaxing evening with my best friend, with the best partner I ever had and…"


"And to talk about us. Well, about me, actually. How I…How my life has changed ‘B.S. and A. S.’"

"Jim, what are you talking about? What is it, a new sort of code?"

Reaching out for Sandburg, the Sentinel put you’re his arm around his Guide’s shoulders and together they leave left the break room heading toward the elevator.

"You see, Chief. It all began this morning, on account of a little chinwag, how I can put it, accidentally intercepted, between H and Rafe…"