Considerations: the life ‘B.S.’ and ‘A.S.’


"How a hard detective has changed a year after his meeting with a certain anthropologist."

by Antonella


"Hey buddy, is it me or lately, has ‘Iron-I never smile- stay away from me at least a mile-Ellison’ changed? Now he seems, how can I say it, more…malleable, perhaps?"

"Well, actually, now he looks human that a pitbull. It’s a huge transformation. What do you think? Do you think it’ll be temporary or will this ‘evolution’ last?"

"I hope the latter. I have say that it isn’t just Ellison that’s different. In the bullpen, too, the climate has changed, more jovial, more easy. Is it just a my impression?"

"No, my friend. You are absolutely right. I have had the same feeling. Even Capt. Banks is more cheerful, more relaxed…sometimes…"

"Do you believe that the culprit of all this is a certain student, with long brown curls, shorty, ear pierced and a really good temper?"

"Of course, and he also must have great patience, to endure everyday for a year ‘Mr. Ice-Eyes Ellison’. I mean, just before Hairboy arrived I didn’t believe that Jim could laugh."

"Now, aren’t you exaggerating, H?"

"My man, you are still new in this department, so believe me. You don’t know how it was here before; that little squirt has made a big difference: How can I put it in…To see him wander about in the office just puts you in a good mood!"

"Yeah, you never know what stunt he’ll pull. "

The laughs of his two co-workers got lost in the distance as they walked towards the break room, unaware that their whispered observations had been listened to by their main subject from the another part of the room.

At the beginning of Rafe and H’s conversation, Jim was stung by what his colleagues thought of him. Sure he wasn’t the most popular and easy guy in the police station but he hadn’t any idea he’d been so unpleasant to others.

So, those words, that weren’t meant to be heard by him, had hurt the detective. A lot. But after all, it was useless to play the victim and to feel offended by them.

Jim knew that there was some truth in their remarks.

What he was before and who he was now.

Even Simon, sometimes had pointed to the change, coming to determine his attitude like ‘B.S.’ and ‘A.S.’ namely ‘Before and after Sandburg’.

It could seems a bit extreme as a statement, but truth nevertheless from many points of view and Jim, too, couldn’t deny it.

Blair was a whirlwind that had ramshackled his life, his habits, his LOFT!!!

Re-thinking how much his lifestyle had changed in the last year.

The week that he had granted to the suddenly homeless student, it had become a month, then two, till now a year later.

Eventually Blair’s possessions (books, masks and other knick-knacks) had spread out from his little room and found a place around the apartment.

Perfumed candles made their appearance so did weird and sometimes smelly food.

But, nonetheless, with some early discomfort, some none too gentle rebukes and much patience, Jim and Blair fitted soon into an easy familiarity, getting over their divergence and inevitable problems that any cohabitation implied.

Sure, Blair often could be a nuisance, even irritating, extremely stubborn, too ‘lecturing’ in his way of speaking, occasionally. Even if the kid was actually a damned genius…Besides their first meeting had been turbulent enough too.

The detective hadn’t been too kind to the anthropologist. He had even slammed Sandburg against the wall, calling him a…what had been his exact words then…something like ‘neo hippy witch doctor punk’.

No, not very friendly at all and not 5 minutes later, the student risked his life to save Ellison from a garbage truck.

From then, Blair had continued to prove to all what an incredible man he was.

In fact, Blair was very funny too, with a striking sense of humour. He was surprising, overactive, a great chef (qualities that made up for his disorder and carelessness), but above all he was someone that knew how to listen. Really. Heartily.

Someone always by you if you needed him for help or a simple talk.

It was just Blair’s innate aptitude to listen, to be able to say the right words in any circumstance, to be more treasured by Jim.

Never in his life had he found somebody so generous and altruistic, able to dedicate his time to others. Jim wouldn’t ever have this rare gift.

It was for this reason that Ellison was happy that the other department members valued Blair also.

It wasn’t important what people had thought of him ‘before Blair Sandburg’.

The ‘after Blair Sandburg’ was all another story. It was the present.

A good present.

The old ‘Ice-Eyes Ellison’ was dead without him even realising it.

Now there was just James J. Ellison.

A good cop.

A learning Sentinel.

Blair’s friend.

It was enough for him.

Or rather, it was all.