NEW! - No Looking Back

          The Value

Wish A long cold night, driving toward home, a tired anthropologist, a thoughtful sentinel

A special evening No one of you have never celebrate your name day? Blair obviously yes!

Intentions and sensations Even to research an old book can turn out to be a dangerous adventure for Blair

Innocent victims - A terrible incident, two lost lives, the ineluctability of destiny. What Jim’ll can do to help your ‘innocent’ friend to get through this moment

If never in my mind, always in my heart Sometimes should be better not remember, anyway to have a friend with you it’s all what’s important

My way to say…thanks A Thanksgiving Day story: a true friendship, a lot of delights, a bit of smarm.

A new nickname - Goofy or Duck - During a tiresome stakeout, a comics is the source of a bit of silliness between our heroes

If… - An sleepless night in the loft give to Jim the opportunity to reflect on what Blair mean for him

Sometimes the timing is all in the life! – Destiny, unselfishness, luck. A incident, fortunately without

serious consequences, to Blair with an unexpected aftermath. The life is full of little miracle, every day!

A New Friend - Words about friendship.

The Rainbow - A poem of hope.

A lost soul - Epilogue for Sen Too Part 2.

If you listened to your heart - Sequel to "A lost soul."

In the space of a coffee - Blair's thoughts.

Considerations - How a hard detective has changed a year after his meeting with a certain anthropologist.

What Am I Doing Here? - A Sequel to Considerations.

Little Dreams - Blair confesses a Christmas ritual to Jim.

What is it behind the corner - A milestone in Blair's life.

When wishes and plans take different ways. - When an offer comes out of the blue, Blair has a difficult decision to make.

When comes the time to stop. - A sequel for 'Flight.'

A Shadow in my Life and in your Fate - A attack on Blair could have dire consequences for both him and Jim.

Who Protects Who - Blair struggles with his decision to tell Jim what's bothering him. Sequel to A Shadow in my Life and in your Fate.

My Special Gift - On Christmas Eve, Jim fears the loss of his Guide.

Those Like Me - An epilogue for Iceman from another's PoV.

The Future Behind the Door - Blair's musings after the events of TSbyBS.

The Wished Sound - Angst from Joel's PoV.

No Looking Back

The Value