Night Duty

By Annie

EMAIL: Annie

He’s here again, the pain on his face etched so deeply, it looks like it comes from his very soul.

I’ve become accustomed to seeing him here every time I’ve come on duty for the past three nights.

His head snaps up as I move across to the bed.

"How’s he doing?" he asks, his tone sounding impatient for good news.

I smile at him reassuringly as I adjust the drip flow. "Better, in fact I think –"


The voice is husky and weak.

"Hey, Daniel, it’s about time you woke up. I was getting calluses on my behind sitting in this chair waiting for you."

There’s a warmth and affection in the Colonel’s voice that I don’t often hear. I know I should stay and check Doctor Jackson over more carefully now he’s awake but I find myself tiptoeing towards the curtains anyway, pulling them closed behind me. I’ll come back in a few minutes and do the professional thing.

"Thank you, Sarah." The Colonel’s words drift out to me and I poke my head back through the curtains and smile at them, "You’re welcome, sir."

I can’t stop the smile turning into a grin as I head for the waiting room to tell the rest of SG:1 that Doctor Jackson is going to be fine, while my mind holds the memory of Dr. Jackson’s hand wrapped in the Colonel’s.

My mother told me once that there’s nothing so good for what ails you as love. I think mom was right.

The End.