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Me Too

By: Annie

Feedback: Annie

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Category: Slash, Angst, Established Relationship, PWP, tiny missing

Season/Spoilers: Revelations; Meridian – kind of

Summary: Jack remembers

Warnings: Daniel's ascension hinted at.


Jack let his body sag back against the pillows as his lover began to map him with gentle fingers.

Daniel began at his feet, tracing along and between each one, giving equal attention to them all, then he placed a sweet kiss at Jack's ankles and moved up till he could rub his hands firmly up and down Jack's leg's.

Jack felt his muscles tense and relax at each pass of the callused palms sweeping along them. He huffed out an impatient sigh as he tried to move further down the bed, trying to get Daniel to touch him where he most wanted it, most needed it.

Daniel's fingers crept up over his thighs and traced along his hips, rubbing slow circles over his pelvic bones.

Jack shuddered and pushed up, only to feel his body held firm against the mattress by Daniel's hands against his hips.

Daniel nuzzled his face into Jack's groin, and licked a long, slow caress the entire length of Jack's cock then pulled back, kissing the head briefly as he slid along Jack's body until they were laying full-length against each other.

Jack could feel Daniel's hard cock pressed next to his own, their wetness seeping between them, and he thrust up and groaned in pleasure as he felt Daniel push down against him.

The slow movement banked the fire inside him and he began to thrust faster and harder, feeling Daniel meeting each movement with a counter-pressure of his own.

Their cocks slid against each other, the fire building till Jack felt he'd burst from the joy of it.

Then Daniel nipped his neck between sharp teeth and whispered, "Jack" as his climax overtook him and Jack pumped up hard once more and felt his own completion pool between them.

Moments, or hours later, they lay entwined, face to face, replete, complete.

Daniel's hand traced over Jack's face and caressed his forehead gently. "I love you, Jack. I always will," he murmured.

"I know," Jack said quietly. "Me too. You. I mean, I love you too."

Daniel grinned sleepily at him. "I know what you mean, Jack. Even when you don't say it." Then he blew a gentle breath of air over Jack's forehead, stirring the wisps of hair to life. "Go to sleep, Jack."


Jack turned back to the corridor as Carter and Teal'c walked into the elevator and waited for him.

A gentle brush of air stirred his hair and caressed his forehead. He smiled slowly. "Hey, Daniel," he whispered. "Me too."

The end