By Annie

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For Lyn for all her help and support.


Daniel stretched the kinks out of his back then leaned back againstJack's legs.They were fishing… Well, Jack was fishing, Daniel was watching Jack fish, or if the truth be told, just watching Jack. It was something he liked to do, something he rarely got the chance to really do without interruption. It was hard to watch someone the way you wanted to in a place like the SGC. Too much chance of someone noticing that your gaze was aimed towards the commander of the base a little more intently and lovingly than it should be.

He felt Jack's legs move against his back, one bare foot lifting to rub sensuously up and down his spine. He leaned forward, giving him room to maneuver and heard Jack laugh softly

"Philistine," Jack said, his warm voice giving Daniel chills and making the hair at the nape of his neck stand up.

"Mmm," Daniel murmured appreciatively as Jack's foot hooked over his shoulder and pulled him back to rest against his legs once more. He heard the rattle of the rod as it was laid down against the decking and then Jack's mouth was against his ear.

"We're supposed to be fishing," Jack said softly, his breath puffing hotly against Daniel's skin.

"You're fishing," Daniel replied. He pushed Jack's foot from his shoulder and moved forward, then turned and captured Jack's mouth in a long, hard kiss. Pulling away, he cupped Jack's face in his hands and said, "I'm watching."

"Watching me?"

Daniel nodded. "Watching you."

"Want to go to bed so I can watch you watching me?" Jack asked suggestively.

"I thought you wanted to fish," Daniel said, protesting half-heartedly as he was pulled to his feet.

Jack pulled him close and bent his head to Daniel's ear again. "I have a confession. There are no fish in this lake, Daniel. Nada, none, zilch, zip."

"Then why did you say you wanted to go fishing?" Daniel allowed himself to be propelled towards the cabin.

"So I could watch you," Jack said.

The End







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