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Love Is...


NEW! A Secret Shared


Me Too The Taste of Home
Crossing the Desert Night Duty

Slice of Life Challenge for 60 Second Fanfic.

Daniel's Path

When No One Was Looking

Written for a 60 Second Fanfic Challenge.


Written for a 60 Second Fanfic Challenge.

The Challenge

Written for Deb Terry, who wanted Jack and Daniel involved in a challenge on a quiet day at the SGC during a non-lifethreatening lockdown.


Daniel thinks he's overstepped the mark. Jack doesn't think he's stepped over far enough. And Sam has the perfect hangover cure.


The Healing Of Scars

Epilogue for Carlyn's The Sound Of One Cricket Chirping.


Love Is...

"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen."

Thorn In My Side Memories
The First Time Jack Kissed Daniel

A drabble.

Leaving Colorado

After being sidelined from SG1 by an injury, Daniel still finds something in his life worth having.

Water, Water Everywhere A Secret Shared