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Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson met at the door of the briefing room. They had just come off 3 days downtime and were both looking forward to the action of a new assignment.

Daniel opened the door and ushered Carter in ahead of him. Looking around, they realised that only Teal'c was present.

"Where's Colonel O'Neill and the General?" Carter asked, heading for the coffeepot. She filled cups for herself and Daniel and plonked herself down into a chair.

"I have been informed they are delayed," Teal'c replied. "They will join us in approximately 10 minutes. Daniel Jackson, how did you enjoy your downtime?" he asked, turning in the archeologist's direction.

"Oh fine," Daniel replied. "I just hung around at home trying to decipher the glyphs off that tablet we brought back from the last mission. Nothing earth shattering, I'm afraid," he responded to Sam's raised eyebrows. "Just the usual 'The Gods are great' kind of stuff."

"And you, Captain Carter, did you too have an enjoyable downtime?" Teal'c asked, turning to Carter.

*Oh boy, Teal'c's really overdoing his homework on Janet's Social Conversation 101,* thought Daniel with a smile.

"Yes, I did, Teal'c. I visited my brother and sister in law for a couple of days. The kids have really grown. It was great to see them."

"I am glad your family is well, Captain Carter."

"So, Teal'c," Daniel asked, "How was your downtime? Have any fun?"

"Colonel O'Neill invited me to lodge at his house for what is called an all night fest on his cable television," said Teal'c.

"Ooh, I love those things," Sam grinned. "What show was it, Teal'c?"

"It was what I believe is known as a documentary," Teal'c replied. "Colonel O'Neill said it was the blueprint for the future of the Taur'i."

"What was it?" Daniel asked curiously. He'd never really pictured Jack O'Neill watching documentaries about the future of the world on cable. Hockey games, yes.

"I do not recall the name of the program, Daniel Jackson. It opened with a starfield and the words, "Space, the final frontier," intoned Teal'c, doing a creditable imitation of William Shatner.

Daniel and Sam glanced at each other, choking back laughter, each trying not to set the other one off.

"Well, Teal'c," Daniel asked, having regained control, "What did you think about it? Did you like the show?"

"Indeed, Daniel Jackson, I found it most fascinating."

With that, Jackson and Carter could no longer restrain themselves. Both bent double as they laughed themselves to tears, while Teal'c looked on imperturbably.

Hammond and O'Neill could hear the shrieks of laughter before they even came through the door. Hammond raised his eyebrows questioningly at O'Neill.

"Let me guess," Jack said dryly, "Teal'c's been doing his Star Trek impressions for you."

The End