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NEW L Is For Listening

Those Who Give The Most


Stand Alone


Jack has a little fun with Teal'c.

That's What Friends Are For

The aftermath of an accident offworld has Daniel doubting Jack's faith in him.

The Mine

One of the team has an accident offworld and the team must rely on someone unexpected for the rescue.


An accident occurs while SG1 are going through the Stargate, and Jack and Daniel meet an unusual ally.

For the Children

Janet risks her life to help a little girl and change the ingrained beliefs of an alien race. Het fic - Pairing Jack/Janet.


Written for a challenge on Daniel Fic Recs.

Team Building

Written in response to Donna's camping challenge.


Epilogue for Fire and Water.

Kitty Winter
Another Time Daniel Jackson Didn't Make It To Atlantis

Daniel is heading for Atlantis at last... isn't he? A/N: In my SG universe, Janet Fraiser is still alive and well so consider this AU if you need to.

The Hard Part Of Diplomacy

Sometimes it takes more than just diplomacy to win a war.

L Is For Listening

Written for sg_fignewton's alphabet soup challenge.



Episode Related

After the War is Over

A blast from the past.When an accident lands Jack in the infirmary he meets up with an old friend.

For all the Days of your Life

A follow-up of sorts to A Hundred Days. Jack receives a bequest.

In Friends We Trust

Epilogue for Children of the Gods. Jack gives Daniel the support he needs when they return from Chulak without Sha're and Skaara.

Saying Goodbye

Missing scene and epilogue for The Enemy Inside.


Epilogue for The Broca Divide.

To Absent Friends

Epilogue for The First Ones.


Epilogue for Legacy.


Written for Stargate Legends 'Loaded Syringe' challenge.

A Is For Abandoned


To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone.”


Suzanne Gordon “Lonely In America” 1976.

Missing scene for Fire and Water. Written for  fig newton's Alphabet Challenge

B Is For Blame

Missing scene for The First Ones. Written for fig newton's Alphabet Challenge.

Those Who Give The Most

Missing scene for Heroes. George Hammond says goodbye to a friend.