Solving Sheppard

By Annie

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You know that song "I Don't Know How To Love Him"? Yeah, that one, the one we all pretended we didn't sing along to while watching Jesus Christ Superstar. Anyway, it was written for me and John Sheppard. Especially those lines, "he's just a man and I've had so many men before..." Okay, so maybe that part's not quite right, at least not the having so many men before part. Oh, stop looking at me like that. I wasn't a virgin virgin before we got together. Just a having a man kind of virgin. Splitting hairs? Hey, I've notched a bedpost or three... Okay one, I notched one bed post once. Her name was Agnes Guggenheim (I kid you not, I couldn't make up stuff like that) and we had sex one time and the next day she dropped me for the captain of the football team.

Where was I? Right, Sheppard and me. He's a man, I'm a man, and I really have never known anyone like him. The man's got layers built on layers and depths so deep I'd need scuba gear to investigate them. But every now and then he lets me in, gives me a glimpse of John Sheppard, the man behind the colonel and every time he does it blows me away. That trust in me.

Yeah, all right, getting mushy. Okay, the man's an enigma wrapped in a riddle and there's nothing I like doing more than solving riddles... well, except doing John Sheppard, that is.