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June 2003 Themefic for The Sentinelangst List.


"You okay, Chief?" Ellison asked as he stopped in front of his partner. Angie had taken Pam upstairs, away from the havoc that Ray Weston had brought into their lives.

"Yeah, I'm alright," Blair replied, his voice husky. "Weston?" he asked.

"Dead," Jim replied shortly. He felt about ready to fall in a heap himself. In the past couple of days he'd been pushed through a plate glass window and knocked unconscious by the escaped prisoner and then accidentally shot by Angie Ferris, the singer Weston had been stalking. The bullet had only creased his arm, fortunately, but it had hurt like hell until Blair had helped him turn his pain receptors down. The final fight with Weston had taken the last of his stamina, his head still ached where the pallets had hit him, and his entire body felt like one huge bruise. By the time he'd recovered enough to turn away from Weston's body, the cop could feel his legs threatening to give way beneath him. He'd propped himself against the doorframe and watched hazily as Angie held her sobbing daughter close and reassured her. Blair had been leaning against the wall across from them, dabbing cautiously at the gash above his eyebrow.

Now Jim looked carefully into Blair's eyes. Sandburg had been knocked unconscious twice in 10 minutes and Jim was worried about a possible concussion or worse, but Blair seemed aware, if a bit fuzzy and apart from his wavering stance, he seemed alright for now. He'd even had the presence of mind to call for backup. Jim could hear the approaching sirens. He grabbed a handful of tissues from the box near the sink and wet them under the faucet, then pressed them firmly to Blair's forehead.

"Ouch," Blair yelped, trying to pull his head away.

'Easy, Chief, you need to keep some pressure on that. It's still bleeding pretty good," Jim said, putting a hand behind Blair's neck and holding him still. "Sounds like the cavalry's here. You sure you feel okay? I'm gonna go out and fill them in."

"Yeah, man, go ahead. I'm fine," Blair replied. "I'm just gonna sit down for a minute. Feel a bit woozy, that's all." He slid down until he was sitting propped against the bench and put his head in his hands, still holding the compress to his brow.

Jim gave him a hard look. The kid had gone as white as a sheet but Jim figured that as long as he was sitting down he couldn't hurt himself any further, at least. "I'll get the paramedics to come check you over, Chief. Just relax, buddy. I'll be back in a few minutes." He gave his partner's shoulder a reassuring pat and headed out the door.

Blair nodded, then winced at the pain the movement caused.

"Jim, you okay?" Simon Banks grabbed the detective by the arm and forcibly held him in place, looking him over appraisingly. He noticed than in addition to the bandage around Jim's hand, placed there after his earlier run in with Weston, there was a new one wrapped around Ellison's upper arm and fresh crop of bruises and abrasions on his face.

"I'll live, Captain. Angie's upstairs with her daughter. I'd really like to get them away from here as soon as possible, preferably by the other door," he said, nodding towards Weston's body. He didn't want the child to have to see that.

"I'll take care of it, Jim. Rafe!" he called. "Get Miss Ferris and her daughter checked out by the paramedics. If they don't need to go to the hospital, get them out of the house by another door and take them down to the station. Ask Miss Ferris if she wants to call someone to come stay with her."

Rafe nodded and headed into the house.

"Where's the kid, Jim? He okay?" Simon asked.

"I think he'll be alright. He got knocked around by Weston pretty good, though. He's inside. I think the medics should check him out."

"You don't look so hot yourself, Jim. When the medics have finished with your partner, they can take a look at you, too."

"Sure, Captain, whatever you say. But after they've patched up Sandburg. Weston would have shot Angie or me if it hadn't been for him." Jim turned and led the way inside.

Blair had pushed himself to his feet by the time they reached him. He stood, unsteadily, blood trickling down the side of his pale face. His eyes now looked unfocused Jim was quick to realise, like someone who had just woken from a deep sleep.

"Whoa, Chief, why don't you sit back down again till the medics have had a chance to look at you?" Jim urged, his hand reaching out to snag Blair's elbow, trying to push him gently back to the floor.

"'mfine, Jim," Blair slurred, his hands reaching out to maintain his balance, wobbling back and forth like a circus high wire walker. Jim grabbed his arm more firmly and sank to his knees, taking Blair with him as Simon reached behind to cushion Sandburg's head, until between them they managed to get him flat on the floor.

"Oh man, I feel sick, " Blair moaned, tossing his head. He lurched forward, trying to sit up and Jim grabbed him and quickly turned him on his side as he threw up.

"It's okay, Chief. You're gonna be okay," Jim murmured, pushing a stray lock of hair away from Blair's pallid face. He let Simon help him to his feet as the paramedics came in and began assessing his partner.

Blair groaned as his eyelids were peeled back and a light shone into his eyes.

"That hurts, huh?" the paramedic asked. "Headache, too?"

Blair nodded, without opening his eyes.

"Do you have pain anywhere else?"

"My ribs, just a bit," Blair replied.

"Okay, I'd say you have a pretty good concussion. I'm just going to put an IV in just in case and we'll take you in to the hospital. Once, you're there, the docs will probably be able to give you something for that headache and the nausea. You'll probably have to stay overnight for observation," the medic informed him.

"Oh man!" Blair groaned.

"Now, Chief, don't be like that. There's bound to be a pretty nurse for you to chat up, when you're feeling better that is."

"Okay, Jim. Your turn," Simon said.

"What, me? No, I'm fine, Simon. Really."

"Detective Ellison, you are going to get into that ambulance with your partner and when you get to the hospital you will have yourself looked at by a doctor. That's a direct order, Detective and, furthermore, I'll meet you there to make sure it's carried out," Simon said firmly. He winked at Blair, who managed a tired grin back, then waited as his number one team were loaded onto the ambulance before climbing into his car and heading off.

The End.