Notes: This is a little in between fic, a bridge of sorts between "Like I Never Had A Broken Heart" and its sequel, which I hope is coming (forgive the pun) soon. Hope you like this little interlude with our guys anyway. This could be read as a standalone snippet but it might be helpful to read "Like I Never Had a Broken Heart" first.


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Rating : NC17 for m/m sex

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"Want a backrub?" Steve asked, his words blowing pleasurable puffs of air into Jesse's ear.

"Nah, that's okay. You're tired. You should get some sleep," Jesse replied, though his heart wasn't really in the refusal.

Truthfully, he could think of nothing better than feeling Steve's warm capable hands kneading his aching muscles. It had been such a long, tiring few months since his accident and then there had been the last therapy session that had led to his confronting Steve about what had happened that night.

Then Mark had insisted on taking them all out to dinner. It had ended up being a great night, with Steve finally acknowledging his love for Jesse to all and sundry. The sheer elation of that had left Jesse almost breathless while the adrenaline that had swamped his body the past weeks had simply evaporated in the wake of his relief and joy, leaving him feeling exhausted. Conversely, his mind just simply refused to shut down and take his body with it, even once they'd made it home and were ensconced in Steve's comfortable bed.

"I'm not that tired, sweetheart. Come on, it'll relax both of us." Steve kissed the nape of Jesse's neck, smiling as his partner shivered slightly. His hands were already moving across Jesse's back, beginning to smooth away the stiffness.

Jesse succumbed to the promise in his lover's lips and hands. "Okay. If you're sure you're not too tired."


Steve climbed up onto the bed and pushed Jesse's legs apart so he could kneel between them. He tipped a small amount of lotion onto his hands and then warmed it between his palms.

He started at the base of Jesse's neck, moving his hands firmly in circles, finding knotted tissues and massaging them till he felt tightness melting away beneath his fingers. His lips followed his hands, placing small kisses and tiny licks on each tender spot. "Kissing the hurts better." That's what his dad had called it when he was a kid. He smiled at the memory.

Once he reached Jesse's hips he began to use the flats of his hands to make broad soft strokes up and down his lover's skin.

"Okay, babe?" he asked.

"Huh?" Jesse sounded half-asleep, sunk deep in contentment.

"Never mind."

Steve continued the massage down over the firm buttocks and then the legs till he reached Jesse's feet.

Jesse twitched as Steve rubbed the soles of his feet.

"You ticklish, Jesse?" Steve asked with a smile, already knowing the answer.

"You know I am, big guy. Stop teasing, will you?" Jesse turned over slowly then stretched luxuriously. "Hey, all the tightness is gone. You missed your calling, Steve. You should have been a masseuse."

Steve grinned at him, then dropped a gentle kiss to each ankle before crawling up the bed to lie sprawled across Jesse's body. He bent his head and kissed Jesse's mouth, then pulled back and traced his tongue across his lower lip.

"Mm." Jesse reached up and pulled him back down for a breath-stealing kiss. He arched his back as he hardened, pushing his growing erection against Steve's thigh.

"You sure you're up for this?" Steve whispered, his own cock responding to the heat against his leg.

"Feel up to me." Jesse grinned. "How about you? You said you were tired when we got home."

"Do I feel tired to you?" Steve asked, dipping his head to tongue Jesse's nipple.

Jesse shook his head, then groaned as Steve rolled to the side.

Steve propped himself up on one elbow and traced around Jesse's nipple with his finger. His mouth returned to the other and he alternately licked and nibbled till Jesse was moaning again.

Steve moved his hands down over the flat abdomen till he reached his goal. He grasped Jesse's cock at the base then slowly licked around the head, dipping his tongue into the slit. He pushed himself to his knees and moved back between Jesse's thighs, nudging them further apart. Then he bent and took the hard length into his mouth, beginning a gentle slide up and down, sucking on the tip when he reached it. His other hand cupped Jesse's balls, rolling them tenderly in his palm.

Jesse was beginning to thrust up into his mouth so Steve moved his hand away from Jesse's cock and placed it across his hips to hold him still.

Jesse groaned his disappointment as he felt Steve's mouth move away.

"It's okay, sweetheart. Just trying to make it last," Steve whispered. "Relax."

He went back to his oral massage of Jesse's cock, moving one finger back to rub over his perineum, then further back to gently circle the opening to his lover's body.

Jesse pushed down, endeavouring to get the questing finger inside him, but Steve just continued the maddening caress, his mouth still moving slowly up and down Jesse's shaft.

"God, Steve, if you don't do more in a minute, I'm gonna…" Jesse panted.

"Gonna what, Jess?" Steve interrupted, pausing in his sucking, making Jesse groan in frustration again. "Gonna come? I thought that was the general idea."

"With you," Jesse whispered. "Please, Steve. Get up here, will you?"

Steve paused as if considering the idea, then with a final lick to Jesse's cock, he moved up the bed, holding himself at arms-length above his lover's body. Gradually, he bent his arms till his body was just barely ghosting against Jesse's, their erections whispering against each other. Then he began to move slowly up and down, touching his lover with the most fragile of caresses.

Jesse moaned, pushing his hips up, trying to get his cock where he wanted it, against Steve's. "Steve, you're killing me here," he muttered.

"Can't have that, babe." Steve bent his head and kissed Jesse's mouth then lowered himself till he was lying against him, their bodies pressed together. He moved down into Jesse's embrace, giving in now to the urgency that was building within his own body, finally granting Jesse the release he craved. He could feel Jesse's erection pushing against his own, sliding against it as pre-come leaked between them, transforming the friction into a silken glide.

They were both panting now, the fire almost overtaking them, then Jesse gave one last urgent thrust up and he was coming, his semen warm against Steve's belly.

Jesse turned his head as Steve pushed down against him, capturing the flesh of his partner's shoulder between his teeth and pushing Steve over the edge to climax.

They lay collapsed together for long minutes afterwards, shuddering through the aftershocks. Then Steve moved to lie next to his partner and kissed his forehead.

"I've always thought mindblowing sex could cure insomnia," Jesse said as he turned his head and returned the kiss.

"Maybe we should keep practicing, Jess. Who knows what else it's good for?" Steve said with a teasing smile. The he pushed Jesse over to rest on his side and curled himself against his lover's warm back, his fingers tracing gentle circles on his skin until they fell asleep.

The End.