By Annie

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Jesse groaned in pleasure as Steve pulled him back to rest against his broad chest.

Long, sensitive fingers combed through his hair, massaging his scalp and tugging gently on the ends. He tipped his head back, inviting more exploration and sighed as Steve’s mouth trailed down his neck and round to where his pulse was beginning to hammer against his skin in anticipation. "Mmm, nice, babe," he murmured against the fingers that were now stroking along his lips.

"Sssh." Steve’s voice caressed a gentle puff of air against his neck. "Don’t talk. Just feel."

Jesse relaxed, more than happy to obey as the fingers left his mouth and moved to his nipples, teasing them into peaks.

He could feel Steve’s hard cock pressing against his ass and he wriggled back against it, enjoying the moan that came from Steve as he did so.

The hand was moving down over his belly now, dipping a time or two into the indentation of his navel before tracing a delicate line around his groin, the fingers going out to tangle briefly through the curls there.

Jesse shifted a little, trying to get the maddening hand where he wanted it, around his aching, leaking erection.

He heard Steve chuckle quietly at his obvious maneuvering and then it was there and he arched his back at the deliciousness of the sensation.

Steve stroked up and down once firmly then used his thumb to rub over the head, tracing the slit. His hand moved up and down again till Jesse was thrashing his head, wanting to beg and plead but trying to hold back to just feel as Steve had told him to.

"Fuck! Is that the right date?"

Jesse gulped in shock as the warm hand left his dick and Steve sat up behind him. "Steve?" he managed to gasp. "Babe, please-"

"Is that the right date?" Steve’s hand which had so recently been dragging him closer to pleasurable oblivion, was now pointing at the digital clock.

"Yeah. Why? What’s wrong?" Jesse turned carefully onto his back, one hand reaching down to his cock. He stroked it gently but it wasn’t as good as having Steve do it so he settled for simply holding it.

"It’s the first day of Lent," Steve said.


"And I told myself that I’d give something up for it?"

"And you picked sex? Are you nuts? What about me? I didn’t make any promises to give anything up!"

"Well, back when I made the promise it was because you were supposed to be going away for Easter to see your mom and I just thought, if I told myself I was giving up sex for Lent anyway, I wouldn’t miss you so much." Steve’s face was rueful.

"You are an idiot. Didn’t it occur to you that, if my trip hadn’t been cancelled, we could have had mind-blowing phone sex anyway?" Jesse asked, his erection deflating a little in sympathy with his disappointment.

"I guess I was so upset about you going away, I didn’t think things through." Steve leaned down and kissed Jesse’s mouth softly. "Do you think it still counts as having sex if you do yourself and I watch?" he asked hopefully.

"I’ve got a better idea," Jesse said, his hand rubbing more purposefully up and down his length again.

"What’s that, Jess?"

"That whole ‘I’m giving up sex for Lent’ thing? Let’s not and say we did."

"Have I ever told you that I love the way your mind works?" Steve pulled open the drawer of the bedside table and held up the tube of lube. "Just for that, you’re on top, babe."

The End.