Things Change



EMAIL: Annie

Never let it be said that I'm the type of guy that needs a house to
fall on him before he gets a clue. After all, I'm a detective and a
Sentinel to boot. Which is why I'm wondering why I let myself be
talked into going out to dinner with Rebecca Stanhope from

Don't get me wrong. Becky's a knockout and she's great company and
she's making it pretty obvious she'd like to get to know me a whole
lot better. So, why the hell am I sitting here in Gino's, looking at
my watch every five seconds and wondering how I'm going to break the
news to my date that I have no intention of going home with her or
taking her home with me?

She's going to want to know why, what she did wrong and I'm going to
have to tell her the truth. That she's not the problem. I am... or
rather Sandburg is.

I've gone out on lots of dates (well, okay - maybe lots is
stretching the truth a little) since Sandburg and I hooked up and
he's had more than his share as well. Hell, for a while there I
thought he and Sam might get together permanently. I have to admit
the thought didn't thrill me. Sam's not his type, too intense and
more than a little vengeful when she doesn't get her way. Of course,
the real reason I didn't want him seeing Sam, or Mara or Maya or any
of the other women who've fallen for Sandburg's obvious charms is
because I want him and yeah, I do mean, that way.

Becky's sliding over closer to me and nibbling at my ear and I move
away, putting a little distance between us. She pouts a little but
then she starts telling me about the affair one of her girlfriends
is having with some married cop and I'm able let my thoughts wander
back to Blair, giving Becky the occasional nod so she thinks I'm

So why am I out on a date with a gorgeous woman if I'm lusting after
my roommate? Well, for one thing, I'm bi and up till now I've been
perfectly happy pursuing whoever I find attractive, regardless of
gender. The other reason is because as much as I'd like to stay home
and make love to Blair Sandburg's very attractive body, he's not.
Bi, I mean, at least as far as I know.

But tonight, just before I left the loft, I'd turned back and I'd
caught this look on his face. It was only there for a split second
but in that brief moment, I thought I saw what I'd been wanting to
see for the past four years. His eyes were gazing after me with an
expression of such longing on his face that it was all I could do
not to walk over and grab him in my arms and kiss that beautiful,
sinful mouth till neither of us could breathe. But I didn't. I said
goodbye and closed the door behind me because big hard-assed cop
that I am, I was scared. Terrified that I'd read him wrong and that
if I had, I'd lose him for good. And that's the one thing I can't
do. He means too much to me.

Becky's making motions to leave, smiling coquettishly at me as she
pushes the check over to me. Well, I did say I'd buy. And now comes
the moment I've been dreading. She leans across the table, pecks me
on the lips, and asks if I want to go back to her place. It's pretty
apparent she has more than a drink in mind from the way she's
undressing me with her eyes. I don't want to talk to her about this
in a public place so I stand up, leave some money on the table for
the check and usher her ahead of me through the door and over to her
car. Thank God, we met at the restaurant.

"Look, Becky," I begin as she unlocks her door. "This was a mistake.
I really need to get home. I'm sorry -"

"Why?" she asks, turning her big brown eyes up to meet mine. "Jim, I
know maybe I came on a little strong in there. At least come back to
my place for a nightcap, please. We'll just talk, cross my heart."
She lifts one hand and traces a cross over her ample breast.

I shake my head. "It's not going to work, Becky. I really am sorry.
I... I have to go. There's something I need to talk to Blair about."

Her eyes widen then; I can almost see the hamsters getting a workout
and a light going off over her head.

I slump my shoulders and sigh, feeling like I've just slid into the
first circle of hell.

I feel her hand cup my cheek and she leans in and kisses me -
softly, platonically. Then she sighs too and says quietly, "Jim
Ellison, you're a goddamn fool. What the hell are you wasting time
with me for when you know you should be home "talking" to your
roommate." She laughs as she says it and I get the impression she
knows damn well, talking's not the highest priority for me when it
comes to Sandburg.

"Thanks," I say, opening her door. "I'm sor -"

"No!" she interrupts. "You're not. But you will be if you don't
start acting on what your heart is telling you." She climbs into the
car and leaves me standing in the parking lot, feeling like a bundle
of nerves wrapped in an expensive suit.


There is definitely no better way to be woken up in the morning than
by a Blair Sandburg blowjob. I look down, watching Blair for a
moment then place a hand on my lover's head, letting the soft curls
twine between my fingers.

Blair looks up and smiles dreamily then bends to his task again,
licking around the head of my cock then taking the shaft into his
warm mouth, using teeth and tongue delicately on the way down and
sucking languidly all the way back up.

I can feel my mouth open in a wordless moan of delight as Blair's
hand takes a gentle hold of my scrotum, his fingers tracing over the
testicles beneath the skin. He keeps up his oral massage, increasing
his speed as my hips arch up off the bed, pushing myself deeper into
Blair's welcoming heat.

My balls begin to tighten and pull up and then Blair's fingers are
spidering over my perineum and between my cheeks, one tracing
maddening circles around my center. I push down onto it then up
again, the rhythm becoming fractured after a few more seconds of my
Guide's talented ministrations. I gasp as I feel my seed beginning
to spurt into Blair's willing mouth and feel Blair's obviously pre-
slicked finger push deeper inside me.


I look down and groan aloud, my hips pumping involuntarily into the
air. Blair's released my cock, giving me a devilishly wicked grin,
then he plunges his mouth down over it again, swallowing it to the
root and finger-fucks me through my completion.

Then Blair licks his wet lips clean and climbs back up my body,
collapsing onto my chest and goes to sleep.

I hold him close, stroking over his head and down his back, then
when I think I can breathe again, I roll Blair off to one side, kiss
him awake and return the favor.


So, I guess you're wondering how we got from me standing, shaking in
my boots, in a parking lot after having blown off a woman most men
would give their right arms to take to bed, to having my brains
sucked out through my dick by the extremely talented mouth of Blair

Well, remember that look I saw on his face? Turns out my instincts
were right on the money and Blair wanted me as much as I wanted him.
Hey, like I said, I'm a damn good detective and after all, it
doesn't take a house to fall on me.

The end.