The Reason



EMAIL: Annie

Fic for Peja's Savage Love challenge

"Jim, I'm at the ER. Can you come get me?"

I was there in fifteen minutes, after a drive that should have taken twenty five. By the time I was shown into the cubicle where he was waiting for me, my heart felt as if it was twisted within me.

I stepped inside and over to the bed where he sat, legs over the side, head down, arms wrapped protectively around his chest.

Lifting his chin with my hand, I gasped at the sight of my guide's face - one eye blackened and swollen almost shut, the black spidering of stitches on his cheek and his full lower lip. I reached down and pulled the hospital gown down, folding it over his crossed arms, wincing with empathy at the peppering of bruises mottling his
chest and back.

He just watched me then before I could ask why he didn't just leave, go call for help he spoke softly and calmly.

"I couldn't just leave, Jim. They were had Joe on the ground, kicking him and punching him."

A tear dripped slowly down his bruised cheek and I mopped it up with my thumb, trying desperately to stem the hurt behind the tears.

"I told them to leave him alone but then they turned on me too. Called me a fag, said I must be if I was with him."

"Why?" I whispered the word, knowing I still wouldn't understand even if he told me the reason.

He shook his head and I realized he didn't understand why either. Then he dropped his head forward against my chest and whispers, "Joe's gay. He came out at the Uni a few weeks ago. They saw us having dinner together. Put two and two together and came up with five. They wanted to hurt him. When I tried to stop them they attacked me too."


I'm holding him within the safety of my arms now, cocooned against my body, my hand tracing gentle circles over his back.

He winces and I whisper "sorry" into his ear then my arms tighten around him and I pull him back more securely against me, wanting nothing but to protect him with my savage love.

He stirs within my guardian arms, and I loosen them enough so he can turn within them. Looking up as he rests against me once more, he smiles drowsily at me then leans forward and presses a tender, sweet kiss over my heart.

Then I bend my head forward so I can smell the sweetness of him and feel his living heartbeat against my skin. My tears dampen his hair as I tell him over and over how much I love him.

My Blair. My gentle friend. My soulmate. My guide. My lover. My life. My reason for living.

The End