EMAIL: Annie

"Oh yeah, payback's a bitch, Sandburg," I whispered to myself as I hefted the weapon in my hand. It was fully loaded and with my Sentinel sight there was no way I could miss hitting him the minute he walked through the door, which should be any minute now. I'd heard his car pull up in the lot, heard him walking through the door to the building and entering the elevator.

He'd been driving me nuts the past week, doing everything he could to piss me off and finally I was about to get my own back.

*Get ready to go down, Sandburg* I thought, as I pulled back gently on the trigger and aimed the gun steadily at the closed door.

I heard the ding of the elevator arriving at our floor and Sandburg humming to himself as he exited, fumbling for his keys.

As the lock clicked and the door swung open, I steadied myself in the prescribed stance and eased back on the trigger, loosing a jet of water from the Super Soaker straight into my partner's face.

Blair stood flat footed in shock as the cold water hit him and I lost precious time escaping because the look on his face was just too good to be missed. He gasped and spluttered, dropping his backpack to the ground, one hand coming up to wipe the water from his eyes and then he looked directly at me and said, very deliberately, "You are so dead, Ellison!"

As he took a step toward me I spun around and headed for the safety of the upstairs bedroom, hearing Blair gaining on me with every step.

I might be a musclebound ex Special Forces Ranger but the man at my back was a seriously pissed off Guide and my only hope was outrunning him.

I didn't make it, not that I'm sure I wanted to, anyway. Getting hauled to the floor by Blair Sandburg had been a starring feature in most of my nocturnal fantasies almost since the day I met him, so I didn't exactly put my all into eluding him.

A hand snagged my ankle as I hit the bottom step and I twisted, landing on my back, with 150 pounds of annoyed anthropologist pinning my legs.

I looked up at him. His hair was hanging in damp wisps around his face. His shirt had come partly undone, giving me a tantalizing glimpse of dark chest hair and a glint of gold in his right nipple. He was panting as he glared down at me and I thought he was the most beautiful man Iíd ever seen.

With that thought my cock began to spring to life and I heard myself groan involuntarily. As much as Iíd wanted to tell Blair how I felt about him, the simple fact that Iíd only ever known him to date women had given me a pretty strong indication he was totally heterosexual. I was petrified heíd run like hell if he knew I was interested in him that way, so in the hope of disguising my rampant (and rapidly growing) reaction to his body straddling mine, I tried to flip him off my legs and tumble him to the floor.

It didnít work.

A lot of people who think they know Sandburg assume heís a nerdy little guy who spends his life with his nose stuck in a book. They forget that he spends most of his time backing me up, keeping my senses from wigging out on me as I try to keep scum off the streets of Cascade. Backing up a cop like me is no job for a wuss, one of the main reasons I worked alone for so long. After my partner, Jack, disappeared there wasnít anybody I thought could keep up with me on the streets. Sandburg can. So, believe me when I tell you, the manís got muscle where he needs it, and heíd already just proven he could run me down if he wanted to.

So there we were, flat out on the floor (well, I was anyway) and Blair was still glowering down at me like he wanted my head on a stick. Then suddenly I felt something hard poking into my stomach and I glanced down to see my partnerís cock looking like it was trying to ram its way out of his jeans. I looked up into Blairís face, not daring to take anything for granted. Heís a guy, after all, and guys get hard-ons for absolutely no reason, but the sudden change in Blairís expression left me in no doubt that there was a reason for his.

His eyes had lost the killer glare. Now they looked soft and loving. He licked his lips nervously and I almost came on the spot. Then slowly, slowly he leaned downÖ and kissed my mouth.

Youíll think Iím exaggerating if I say I heard the Hallelujah Chorus at that moment and I am. But only a little. There might not have been any choir of angels but I swear I heard bells ringing and it had absolutely nothing to do with my hearing being on the fritz.

I opened my mouth and kissed him back with all the pent up love and desire Iíd been hiding for the past four years and then he pulled back, looked me squarely in the eyes and said huskily, ĎItís about fucking time, man."

The End