By Annie

EMAIL: Annie

Category: Slash, ER

Rating: FRAO

Written for the 60 Second Fic list. Thanks to Margaret for a great plotbunny. I love this list!

It's always been about friendship. Every time he's saved my life or I've saved his. Every time he's been there for me when it feels like my world has fallen apart. Every time I've woken up in the hospital and found him sitting at my bedside, looking like he's never been home or had any sleep or when I've done the same for him, it's been about friendship. When I gave up my career so he could keep his, it was about friendship. When he talked me down from a car when I was stoned off my head on Golden, it was about friendship. When Danny died, and then Lila and Janet and Incacha and Roy, we were there, holding the other up. It was about friendship. It still is.

It's always been about love. Every time we've kissed and hugged or lay in this bed together, just touching, it's been about love. Every time, he's taken my hand when we're out walking and held it inside his jacket pocket, it's about love. Whenever he's come home and taken me in his arms and given me that slow, sweet smile that says how glad he is to see me, it's been about love. The first time I told him how I felt about him and that if he wanted me to, I'd leave, even though I didn't think I could bear to go, it was about love. It still is.

Tonight, it's about lust. About the way he groans my name as I caress his cock with my mouth, my tongue pressing exactly where I know he loves it. The way his hands twine themselves into my hair as I take his cock deep and swallow around it, then pull back, holding still, letting him fuck my mouth. And when he rolls me to my belly and strokes inside me with those long, Sentinel fingers and then enters me so gently, whispering my name as he thrusts deep inside me and pulls my passion from me with his hand and his body, it's about lust… and love… and friendship. It always will be.

The End