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NOTES : This is the third and final part of a series that began with "At His Side" and its sequel "Into The Future". Thank you for all the great feedback I've received for this series. I hope you enjoy the culmination of it as much as Jim & Blair seemed to and as much as I enjoyed writing it.

RATING : Adults only. Explicit m/m sexual acts. (Jeez, it was so much easier when we could use NC-17 etc <weg>). Smarm alert. Do not read if you're allergic to smarm <g>.

I never thought I'd see Blair Sandburg so uncharacteristically silent. I mean, even when Blair's nervous, he talks a mile a minute, with his mouth and his hands. But now he's perched on the very edge of the bed, fingers twiddling with the buttons of his shirt, as if he can't decide whether to unbutton them or not.

Taking matters into my own hands, I walk over, kneel in front of him, pull him toward me and kiss him very gently. I can feel his hands come up to brush through the short hair at the back of my neck and the sensation of it makes me moan into his mouth.

I pull away and slowly undo the buttons of his shirt, kissing every bit of bare flesh the act reveals. Then I strip it off completely and stand to take off my own.

His eyes widen as if he's never seen me like this before and in a way, I guess he hasn't. He's seen me undressed before, but never through eyes shining with love. It almost takes my breath away just to look at him.

I finish stripping my clothes off, then push him down till he's reclining on the bed, his legs still dangling over the side. Then I undress him completely, shuddering with something more than need, when I see he's hard. For me.

I lift his legs up onto the bed, turning him so his head is on the pillows, then lean down and kiss his mouth and his neck, sucking on his Adam's apple, feeling his pulse throbbing against my lips. My fingers find a nipple amongst the silky/wiry hair on his chest and I rub around it with my fingertips, then bend and trace around it with my tongue.

He's moaning now, his hands gripping my shoulders and I lean over to give the same obeisance to his other nipple - then freeze in place as he yelps. Even without Sentinel hearing, I recognize it as a cry of pain, not passion.


"Jim, sorry, man, but you're kneeling on my arm," he says in a pained whisper.

"Shit! I'm sorry, Chief." I back away hurriedly and reach down to massage his bicep gently. There's a nice red knee-shaped mark coming up already and I wince.

"Jim?" he says.

"Yeah, Chief," I reply, intent on rubbing away the redness and the pain I've caused.

"Um, you can go back to what you were doing now," he says, and even without looking at his face, I can tell he's grinning. *Smartass*.

I bend forward and nip a hard nub with my teeth and feel his arousal shoot up a notch. Okay, he likes that. I do the same to the other nipple, carefully keeping my knees clear of his arm this time, then my breath whooshes out of me as he grabs me behind the neck with both hands and rolls toward the center of the bed, so he's now on top of me. I think about protesting for maybe two seconds but then all coherent thought moves south and takes up residence there as Blair leans over me and begins to lick, first around my mouth, then my nipples (which gives me a whole new appreciation of why *he* liked it so much and then down to my navel.

I have a brief moment of wondering if he's going to do what I think, hope, he's going to do before he does it.

"Jesus, Blair," I manage to groan as his lips close around the head of my cock and he begins to suck softly.

I can feel the slow burn rising from my balls, a sort of warm tingling that tells me I need to get more of my cock inside that beautiful hot mouth and involuntarily, my hips begin to buck up.

Blair is trying to move his mouth down over my shaft, still sucking manfully as I thrust upwards into that seductive heat.

Suddenly he pulls away, gagging.

Mindful of my still rock-hard erection, not wanting to do myself any permanent damage, I jolt up to a sitting position and grab his arm, as he coughs, sounding like he's about to bring up a lung. "Blair? You okay?"

He holds up a hand, telling me to wait till he regains his breath. Finally, he looks up at me, his eyes a little red-rimmed and tear-damp. "Sorry, Jim. You just went a little too deep for me and I guess my gag reflex wasn't quite ready for it." He looks down at my cock, which has shrunk considerably in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, man."

I pull him forward into my arms, kissing his mouth, stifling the words. "Guess you know now how much you turn me on, huh, Chief?"

He pulls away a little and looks into my eyes, a shy smile lighting his face. "Yeah?" he asks, sounding surprised.

"Oh yeah," I affirm, pulling him close again. "Hey, how about we try something a little different? Not that I didn't like what you were doing… but we can take things slow, right? Work up to what we both like, can't we?"

"I'm sorry," he says again, dropping his eyes.

"Christ, Blair, you are the best thing in my life. You don't ever have to apologize to me. Especially not here, in our bed."

That brings his eyes up again and he leans across and plants an achingly sweet kiss on my mouth. I can taste myself on his lips and by the time we break apart I'm hard again. For him.

I lie back against the pillows and pull him down to rest on top of me, feeling the satiny steel of his cock against mine. Experimentally, slowly, I push up, and he responds with a downward thrust against me. Soon, I can feel the moisture of our precome easing the friction and we begin to glide against each other. Our movements become more frantic as our need accelerates, yet we remain in perfect synchronization. I pump myself against Blair again and again and then I'm flying and he's soaring with me, our combined seed mingling and dripping between us.

When I make it back to earth again, he's wrapped in my arms, close against my side, where he's meant to be, where he'll always be.

The End

March 14th, 2005.