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NEW! Losing It

The Shadowlands

When Blair suffers an emotional breakdown in the aftermath of the dissertation fiasco, Jim feels powerless to help, and also has to fight his growing feelings for his partner.

Dog Day Afternoon

Blair has a bad day but makes a new friend.

At His Side

Jim ponders Blair's decision to join the police force and Blair gives him his honest answer.

Into the Future

This is a sequel to "At His Side". This part is told from Blair's POV.


Sequel to Into the Future


Will Jim finally listen to the whispers of his own heart?


Jim learns a lesson about honesty in relationships.

The Best Policy

Sequel to Honesty.

Making Amends

Jim’s not the only one who wants to make amends.

Circling Round

"I walked straight up to you, instead of circling round to avoid the shock of sensation, as I used (to)"

~ "The Waves" by Virginia Woolf

Payback's a Bitch

Jim’s gunning for Blair.

Spirit of Grace

A murdered child draws Jim and Blair together.

Loving Blair

Written for the TS Ficathon - Sensing Cliches Challenge.

The Reason

Written for the Savage Love challenge.

Hard Living

Blair and Jim meet under different circumstances.

Things Change

Jim’s a good detective, after all.

By Candlelight

PWP snippet

Blair Sandburg Hates Valentine's Day

It’s the day he dreads.

Finding Home

Epilogue for The Debt

The Healthy Food Five Star Dinner

Challenge Fic - Word prompt - Diet.

Back Where I Belong

Blair’s been gone for four years.


The Accidental Outing

Written for the 60second Fanfic Challenge.

Out of the Closet

Written for the 60Second Fanfic Challenge and for Thin Blue Line August Shorts.

It's About Lust

Written for the 60 Second Fanfic Challenge.

Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places

A 'Second Chance' story.

No Matter What

When Blair lets Jim down on a case, it seems they’ll never be able to work things out.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

TS/Diagnosis: Murder crossover.

Chinese for Christmas

Written for a challenge on 60 Second Fanfic.


Written for a challenge on the 60 Second Fanfic List.


Sandburg, Ellison and Adam

It’s seven years after TSbyBS. Where are they now?

All Surface, No Feeling

You know that feeling when everything you have right now isn't enough?

Living La Vida Loca

AU ending for Attraction.

Home Truths

Carolyn's back in town and it seems as if everyone's got a secret to hide.

Listening Between The Lines
Sins Of Omission

When an old friend of Jim's comes back from the dead, it brings both pain and hope for Blair.

An Everchanging Life

Previously published in SenTwo - Slash - available from Requiem Publications.

Blair returns to Cascade three years after he disappeared, bringing a little surprise.



Sometimes it takes a tragedy to realize just what you still have.

Through My Eyes

What if Margaret had turned up just a few minutes later in BMB?

Old Friends And Lovers

Sometimes first impressions aren't the best ones to judge by.



Written for SenThursday.

New Beginnings

Jim Ellison is a cop whos retired from the PD due to the problems hes having with his senses. He and his son, Joe, aged 5, move to a small town named Chinook where they set up house in a rundown house and meet Blair Sandburg, the local pharmacist. Blair finds out about Jims senses and tells him hes a Sentinel and Blair can help him. They start working together, falling in love along the way. A couple of months later, Jims ex-wife, Carolyn, shows up, demanding to take their son back to Cascade. 

The Coldest Winter

Shes determined to get him back. Nothing will stop her. Not hell, high water, or Blair Sandburg.

Losing It

Written for the Sentinel Reverse Bang 2015.