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NEW! The Almost Christmas Story


First Fear

A dangerous situation has Gibbs and DiNozzo admitting their feelings for each other.

DiNozzo Luck

Written for the 60 Second Fanfic Challenge - At least I'm walking out of this alive.

Moving On

A very tongue in cheek epilogue to the Season 5 finale.


Co-written by Lyn. Tony's keeping secrets.

Rule 13

Written for Anna’s challenge on the NCISFF list. Prompt words – Snow, Fire, Holiday.


Tony DiNozzo Hates Valentine's Day

A Valentine's Day story.

Starting Over

Crossover with CSI New York. Written for the NCIS LFWS.

A Question Asked/A Question Answered

One het, one slash. Written for the NCIS Last Fic Writer Standing.

After The Storm

Part 1, Part 2

Tony's been gone for a year. He comes back a changed man with a small burden in tow.



Written for the NCIS Last Fic Writer Standing.

After The Pain

Tony's trapped in a bad situation and only one person can help.

Never Too Late

Written for the Last Fic Writer Standing. When Jimmy is injured, Tim realizes just how deep his feelings run.

No Sacrifice


Testing Courage


Changing The Future

Tony knows what Gibbs wants from this relationship... Doesn't he?

The Almost Christmas Story

Slash. DiNozzo/McGee. Tony hates camping. Doesn't he...? Written for the 2014 NCIS SESA for sexycazzy.