An Infiltrator

By Amberfly

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The wind howled with impatience, and with her determined fingers, rattled the nursery's windows. "Let me in! Let me in!"

Heavy, loud, raindrops battered the window, indignant by the winds challenge. "No, let us in!"

Fighting, and squabbling, howling, and wailing, the winter storm raged all night.

The old tree shivered and swayed. Groaning under the burden of her wet branches, she cried piteously, "Ignore the wind and her horrible rain! If anyone is to be let in, it is us!" Leaning across the windowpanes, the old tree tap-tap-tapped on the glass. "Let me in, and I will gift you some leaves!"

Inside the newly decorated nursery, all was well. The drapes remained tightly drawn, pooh-poohing the complaining, old tree. "Oh, be still! Why would I want to be torn and battered by you? Keep your gift, you are not welcome!"

Shaking her branches, the old oak swayed and sniffed with regret, "Indeed! Come summer time, the sun will fade you, and I will not offer you shade!" With a mighty shake, the oak sprayed water onto the window frames in spite.

With the tiniest of ruffles, the drapes drifted, unconcerned by idle threats. "The daddy will make you! He will never let our baby be hot!"

The stuffed toys woke briefly, and yawning, snuggled under the baby's patchwork quilt. Chattering, making sure their soft bodies kept the baby warm, they scolded the storm. "Yes, why do we want you in here? Wind and rain will make us all wet and cold! Stay where you are!" Cuddling deeper, the fluffy creatures sighed with contentment, "We are warm and dry!"

The baby's room, with its soft white carpet and freshly painted furniture was peaceful again.

However, not for long!

There were important issues needing to be discussed, and a meeting was called to order.

A rustle and a thud from the toy box woke the baby, and knuckling his eyes, he sat up, thumb in mouth, blinking with wonder.

The toys came to life, knowing something important was afoot. "Our baby is awake!"

"No more chattering!" The plastic green army men leapt into action. Scaling down the toy box, the colonel with the chewed rifle snapped his orders. "A-ten-shun! It has come to my attention, that we have an infiltrator in our midst." Strutting around the room, followed by his platoon of men, the soldier, barked, "And we all know what happens to infiltrators!"

Clapping his chubby hands together, the baby crowed with delight. Playtime! All the nursery room toys stirred, and chorused happily. "Yes. Colonel!" Jingling and jangling, colored balls rolled into the centre of the room. Blue, red, green and yellow Duplo scattered like confetti across the carpet. "We are here, colonel!" they cried; don't forget us!

The bedtime stuffies yawned and stretched. "Yes, we are awake now, Colonel!"

The bookcase books rustled softly, and with their pages turning lightening fast, exploded into a kaleidoscope of color and movement. Fairy time characters jostled for their turn to play. Pooh Bear, Christopher Robin, Eyeore jumped from their pages, and danced and sung in mid air. "We are here, Colonel, we are here!"

The weasels of the wild woods cackled with malicious intent. "An infiltrator? In our room? What fun!" Scrambling, shoving, and pushing each other out of the way, the weasels grinned, "And, Colonel? We are here as well!"

Fat bellied clowns with their bright flowerily costumes called out anxiously from their circus book, "Wait! Wait! The Ringmaster is not here!" With a crack of a whip, the portly man appeared in a show of gold dust and sparkles. "Whew!" With a twirl of his gigantic moustache, the ringmaster with the red painted cheeks, bellowed, "Roll up, roll up, I am here! " Tiny, speckle colored horses with their magnificent feather-plumed headdresses, cantered in mid air, and rearing onto hind legs, whinnied, "As are we, soldier, as are we!"

Dumbo shyly waved her enormous ears, and Tiggah blew kiss after kiss, bouncing across the air with bouncy bounces. "What fun, what fun! An infiltrator!"

Everyone was ready, and the baby's blue eyes shone with joy. "I'm here, Colonel! Don't for me neither!"

"Good, good!" Inspecting the troops, the colonel cleared his throat anxious to start proceedings.

The wind settled and listened keenly. The raindrops softened their descent, eager to be included. Only the old oak kept scratching at the windowpane. "What? What is that he says? I cannot hear! I have water in my leaves!"

With a giggle, the baby dropped to the floor and bounced on his diaper-clad bottom. Cheeks rosy, all traces of his nighttime tears gone; Daniel clapped his hands in glee. "An infiltrator? Oh, Colonel? Where? In my room?" Wriggling in his wet diaper, he whispered, "Is it a sock monster?" Throwing his hands to his mouth, Daniel grabbed his giraffe, chewing her leg for comfort. "Is it?"

With a sad shake of his slightly chewed head, the toy soldier agreed. "Yes, son, I am afraid there has been an unconfirmed sighting."

A hush fell over the nursery. A sock monster? In the baby's room? How could this have happened?

The colonel cleared his throat. "Now, people, let's not jump to conclusions here." In his rolling gait, the army colonel whispered, "I'm going in!"

Fireman Sam gasped! "What bravery! Write that soldier up for a medal!"

Pocahontas and her Indian friends crept around the rocking horse, bows and arrows at the ready. "We have your six, Colonel!"

The tension caused the music box ballerina to pirouette, and whirl into her never-ending dance. "Oh, you are so brave!" Her pretty music tinkled in the air and the weasels groaned with horror. "Eck!"

Blue eyes wide with anticipation, Daniel replaced his toy for his trusty thumb. Sock monsters were tricky creatures and the colonel was being very brave. Picking him up and giving him a drool encrusted kiss, Daniel placed the soldier under his cot. "You can do it, Colonel! I know you can!"

All the toys held their breath….

The weasels from the wild wood clung together, cowardly and craven as ever. "Ohhh!"

Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin both held Eyeores tail. "Colonel! Be brave!"

The circus folk stood side by side with the ringmaster. "Roll up! Cotton candy! Roll up!"

The faeries, goblins, pixies and ogres, all put aside their differences, and watched the brave soldier prepare for battle.

Outside, the wind caught her breath, and the raindrops cried in fright.

Creeping in on his belly, the brave, little green soldier pointed his bent rifle, and hollered, "Halt! Who goes there! Come out with your monsterly, sockie hands up!"

The nursery door suddenly cracked opened! A stream of electric light shining through the crack.

The toys instantly dropped to the floor. Books magically closed their pages, and the rocking horse stilled her gallop.

Jack crept in the nursery, quiet and sure-footed. Clicking on the night light, he gazed at the baby grinning up at him from the floor. "Daniel? Watch'cha doing out of bed?" Looking around the room, he clicked his tongue with amazement. "Look at this mess! Daniel Jackson, I outta paddle that little backside of yours!" Smiling, his brown eyes crinkling with amusement, he placed Danny on the bed and undid his wet pajama bottoms. "Whew, Change of diaper, a bottle, and back to bed for you, little man."

Glancing down to the carpet, he snagged a dusty gym sock lying in the middle of the room. "Huh? What's my old gym sock doing in here?" Stuffing the offending item into his jean pocket, Jack scooped up army men and tow trucks, dumping them into toy boxes. He picked up Duplo and rolled away, jingling, jangling red balls. Reaching across, he placed his finger on his lips, and shushed the pretty ballerina. Books were shut and placed back on shelving. Weasels and clowns put side by side.

Plastic Indian princesses and ferocious dinosaurs were accidentally stepped on, and then casually dropped into boxes. Racing cars and wigwams tossed in after them. "Whew, what a mess, Daniel Jackson!"

With a smile, Jack O'Neill took the emptied bottle from his baby's chubby fists, and kissed his child goodnight. Switching off the night light, he grabbed the nursery room's door handle gently. Opening the door, he patted his pocket, and smiling softly, said, "Good work, men."