On a Whim and a Prayer

By Amberfly

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Well, Danny boy, finally asleep at last, see you stay that way. Where's that giraffe you're so darn fond of? Here she is, come on girl, you supposed to be keeping my kid safe not having a lie-down on the carpet. What's a bit of drool between friends? I could have you up on dereliction of duty, Airman!

Damn, you are a beautiful child. Know that Daniel? Course you don't, never did know how special you were did ya. That's okay; leave it to the family, we'll make sure you know how loved you are. Just looking at you makes the sleep deprivation, the impending bankruptcy, the mashed spinach seem all worthwhile. You know, kiddo, I won't tell Janet if you don't, spinach is just wrong.

Whoa! Is that window open? The old frames must be rotten, that's the second time tonight I felt cold air in here. Actually, it's not very cold; it's kinda warm, and that smell? Is that lavender again?

Hey, baby, when did Carter buy you that lavender scented toy? That perfume is way too strong. Hope she checked to see if it was safe for you to put in your mouth.

What am I saying! This is Carter, the research queen! She would never do anything to harm you.

Still, this room reeks of it, especially at night.

Think I'll check the toy box anyway, even you're hair smells of it.

You are restless tonight aren't you? Do babies have nightmares I wonder? Janet will know.

Hey, Samantha, come in! Its okay, he asleep now. Something woke him and I swore he said Mama. He must have wanted the little lion you bought him, isn't her name Nula?

The wind might have woken him I suppose, but I think the old elm scratching at his window is the more likely culprit. I'll trim the branches come spring.

I've checked his diaper; I've made him a bottle, he's just fussing, let's go. If he wakes, I'll put him in with me.

Think he's teething again? God knows, there's not a toy in his wooden chest not covered in drool.

Okay, there it is again. Can you smell that? I don't care if you did buy it, that toy is going. Well, that's a spectacularly blank look! The toy that smells like lavender! Don't remember huh? Sleep deprivation, Carter, all torturers use it.


You know I was thinking, we should donate the toys to the hospital and buy some more. They all seem a little young for Daniel now. Let's do that tomorrow, the kid will love a box full of shiny new toys.


Crap! Did you feel that? That's a gale coming in, that window needs to be sealed again. Here take the giraffe, I'll put Danny in my room and call the builder tomorrow.


Carter, do remember that woman who decorated Daniel's room? What was her name? I want to send her another check; she never cashed the last one. Didn't she always smell of lavender? There's a co-incidence.

The End.