A Whimsical Breeze

By Amberfly

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The baby with the blonde curls wriggled in his sleep. Kicking at his comfortable blue and white patched quilt, the stuffed giraffe tumbled softly to the ground. Lying on her side, she sighed, and waited patiently for her rescue.

Alert and on patrol, the green army men gathered, and the commander whispered, "Beware! Giraffe over board."

Red racing cars shuffled in their wooden toy box, ready and waiting to help in the rescue of the long necked giraffe. "At ease, men," the slightly chewed commander ordered, "she ain't falling any further."

The weasels from the wild woods cackled with malicious glee, simpering, "Again! Fall down again!"

With a graceful dignity, the giraffe scolded them, "Silly creatures! Be still! You'll wake our baby!"

"Too late," Eyore moaned, "Too late!" With his perennial gloominess, the donkey with the blue bow on his tail, tutted sadly, "What will Christopher Robin say?"


Dust jacket slipping slightly, the weasels scowled, muttering, "Isn't our fault! Look, she's back! Blame her!"

A sweet smelling breeze ruffled the half-awake toddler's hair, and yawning widely, he gently awoke.

A familiar scent lingered in the air, and slowly opening his eyes, he gurgled with delight, recognizing it instantly.

The perfume filled him with a joy, and with his radiant smile splitting his chubby cheeks, the little boy with the white curls whispered, "Mama?"

The curtains with the sailboat pattern rustled softy, and the night lamp flickered. Just the once, greeting the nocturnal visitor cordially.

"Sshhh! Hush!"

Outside the wind listened, and obediently stopped her howling. The insistent raindrops agreed with their wintry friend, and soothingly, pitter-pattered against the windowpane. The elderly elm bowed her greetings, and peering through the window, waggled her woody fingers politely.

"Be still everyone! My baby is awake and now I must leave."

Holding his orange monkey by the ear, the little boy looked around the room and tears sprung into his eyes.

Opening his mouth into a perfect O, he whimpered softly, begging her to stay.

In the time it took a heart to beat, the fragrant breeze caressed his face, and the familiar scent of lavender soothed him.

"Here comes your Daddy, little one."


The blue painted door adorned with the Bert and Ernie grow chart, opened carefully, and stepping into the room, Jack smiled, "Hey, baby boy, need a cuddle?"


Crossing the white carpeted room in three easy steps, he scooped up the giraffe, and handing it to his baby, clapped his hands together invitingly.

Daniel smiled a watery smile, and raising his arms in the air, cuddled and snuggled closely, inhaling the familiar scent of his adored daddy.

Blinking with confusion, Daniel's little brow creased, and he whispered, "Daddy?"

Smiling and kissing the silken curls, Jack nodded, and rocked his child back and forth.

A breeze with the tender caress of a lover, brushed his face, and catching his breath, the man with the nut-brown eyes swore he smelt the aroma of lavender.

Shivering and glancing over his shoulder, he placed the boy back to bed, and leaning down, kissed him goodnight.

As he tiptoed from the room, Jack swore sweet lavender still hung in the air, and shrugging, gently closed the door to Daniel's bedroom.

Outside, the wind started to howl and the rain began to cry.