Author: Amberfly.
Ficlet: Whimsy.
Warnings: None.
Feedback: Yes please.
This is just a whimsical thought.
Thumb in his mouth, and his cheeks rosy with sleep, the toddler with the snowy white curls slept peacefully. The night lamp glowed, and the room took on a beautiful, golden glow. The pixie on the lamp smiled cheekily, smug in the knowledge his red pointy hat and blue curled shoes made the baby laugh.
Outside in the night sky, the stars twinkled, and the big, fat, yellow moon sunk slowly behind the trees. The elm shivered in the cold, and scratching at the window, begged to be included in the totís dreams.
Wind howled in sympathy, and raindrops tap-danced on the roof with the suspect grace of a pregnant dancer. However, they knew they were not welcome into the blue painted room, and glaring through the window; they huffed and puffed.
The snowy haired toddlerís bed looked warm and inviting to his stuffed friends, but they had to be content to nestle on the blue and white patchwork quilt. In the morning, hugged and kissed by their tiny friend, they would play their roles in the magical world of make believe.
At night, they all had an important job to do. While their little boy slept, they stood guard, making sure the dust bunny didnít come creeping out from under the bed, and with her friend the naughty sock monster, cause their baby to have a nightmare. The blue teddy bear, the long necked giraffe, and the orange monkey took their jobs very seriously, and patrolled the bed as ordered.
The toy box in the corner of the room was stuffed full of toys.  Red racing cars lay on top of jigsaw puzzles, counting blocks spilled out and mingled with the Duplo. Brightly colored pencils and crayons lay in perfection formation, waiting for the clumsy little fingers to grab them and create another masterpiece. The army jeeps and the tiny, green soldiers stood alert and ready, hoping the colonel needed them.
However, he never did, and the toys waited while their toddler slept peacefully.
On the brightly painted green bookshelf, his favorite books waited for their turn to tease and please with their wonderful tales. Winnie the Pooh and Tiggah beamed from their dust jackets, and next to them, the weasels from the wild woods grinned a toothy grin, demanding they be picked. However, they would all have to wait until the morning sun rose, and the little boy finally woke up.
Stacked on the desk with the map of the word for a lid, the DVDs also waited for morning. Enthusiastically showing the toddler varied and wonderful worlds, they knew they were much loved. The man with the silver hair was their greatest ally, and always rescued them from the sticky and impatient fingers of their excitable little pupil.
Padding quietly down the hallway, the DVDís great friend opened the door of the blue bedroom with its sailboat curtains, very quietly. His face creased into the warmest of smiles, and tiptoeing in, he leant down, and kissed his beautiful childís cheek. Turning around and beckoning a woman with hair the color of honey to come in, their hands brushed for only the briefest of moments.
Smiling and whispering goodnight to the toddler, she caught the manís glance and silently left the room.
Tucking in the chubby little leg that had drifted on top of the checked quilt, he grabbed the long necked giraffe and tucked it next to the sleeping child. Leaning down and brushing the sleep damp curls from his face, whispered, ďOkay, Gerry Giraffe, your job is to keep Danny safe, okay?Ē
Looking around the room, he ignored the magical golden glow of the night lamp. He didnít understand the cheeky face of the pixie meant heíd made the baby laugh. The fluffy animals on guard duty meant nothing to him. The toys in the wooden toy chest and the book lined up on the bookshelf escaped his notice. The green soldiers desperate for a mission were disappointed once more. The elm stopped tapping at the window, and told its branches theyíd better sway the other way.
The man didnít understand that magic happened every night in the toddlerís room, but then again, how could he? This was Danielís room and he was just the daddy!