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Amberfly's Little Stargate Stories

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NEW! - Butterflies and Kittens


Dan and Cam Series

This is a story about Daniel and Cameron. In this story, they are only five years old, and their guardian is Jack.

Two Little Boys

A Beautiful Morning

New Start

Green Stars

The Rotten Egg

Fleeting Happiness

Kids and Kittens

Little White Lies

A Simple Belief

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Cause and Effect

Just cause.

Co-written with Gemsong.

The Whimsy Series

Whimsy 1, Whimsy 2, Whimsy 3, Whimsy 4, Whimsy 5

Freedom Puddles Of Rain
Dawn Of A New Day Is That The Bell?
Beans and Me Sunday Morning
Teal'c And The Tot Butterflies and Kittens

Written for the Little Stargate Give and Take Challenge.