To The Point

By Xasphie

TITLE: To The Point

AUTHOR: Xasphie


DISCLAIMERS: I own a car, a large pet basket, and I have two cats that own me. Neither the cats, nor I, own the boys.

STATUS: Complete

SUMMARY: It was only an evening out




That's what they were.


They were just fireworks.


We don't often get to go out as a group, but it had been a long time in coming and we'd all been working too many opposing shifts to catch up with anything. Our workload itself had been light for once, and Simon could see that we were all getting despondent with a whole pile of unproductive leads on cold cases, and a single figure arrest rate. Still not sure who came up with the idea, but it was a good idea.

Don't get me wrong, it was a damn good idea.

I guess.

Hey – who doesn't feel like a five year old kid, when they feel the earth vibrate as yet another rocket launches into a colorful explosion? I know I do. Simon's face was a picture. It was almost more fun to watch the plethora of shapes and sizes reflected in his glasses, and catching the childish enjoyment as he watched the flickers of light descending back into the black night.

We hadn't gone to the park to hear the concert – H whined that the music wasn't his style, and anyway, it was more fashionable to turn up late. Or at a different venue. Yeah, okay, we'd gone because we wanted to stand in the cold and watch thirty minutes of a team setting fire to the city's tax revenue in the form of fireworks.

Because that's all they were.

They were fireworks.

Rafe had brought the beer, and Joel was just reaching out for his third bottle when the glass shattered.

We all teased him about having a grip that crushed glass, and he held the smashed end in his hand, bemused at his own strength. Reaching down to pick some of the larger chunks out of the grass, he accepted a replacement bottle from H.

The fireworks continued.

And we continued to watch.

Because that's all they were. Just fireworks.

None of us considered that the glass had been shattered by a bullet reaching its target.


Jim's gaze never once wavered from the operating theatre door, as he waited.




copyright Xasphie 4th August 2004