by sharilyn

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Come on, come on

Put your hands into the fire

Explain, explain

As I turn and meet the power

This time, this time

Turning white and senses dire

Pull up, pull up

From one extreme to another...


from "Into the Fire" by Thirteen Senses

Later they'd wonder how it ever got to be so bad, how they'd both become so screwed up, so lost. They'd wonder why they ever let it go so far and marvel with more than a hint of superstitious fear at the sheer depth of the jagged precipice they'd both very nearly tumbled over and only narrowly avoided at the last possible second. Yes, later they would ponder these things and more, but only briefly and with great caution, as the miasma of sheer horror that overlay such ruminations was just too strong for either to bear.

But this was now, this was their own, singular moment out of time, freed from its merciless clutches and its life-sucking, soul-devouring demands. This was the knowledge, the re-creation of that first, primitive fire, theirs the possession of its sacred flames. Holding its power within the latticework of their bones and muscles and skin, each fed upon the heat of the other, drew strength and light and sustenance from the seamless joining of mortal flesh made inexplicably holy through this communion. Skin gleaming damp and fragrant and sex-flushed in the gentle scatterglow of the fireplace, the smaller one lay atop the larger, splayed limbs artlessly arranged in a lax state of boneless satiety that spoke more than mere words could ever express of total, hedonistic fulfillment. The larger man lay stretched out beneath his lover with a drowsy expression of lazy bemusement on his face, one eyebrow slightly quirked in amused tolerance of the solid weight pressing him into the mattress. He gave a brief thought to lifting one hand to brush away the wild riot of brown curls currently tickling his nose, but he was saved the effort as his partner shifted position and snuggled his head a bit lower down on the larger man's well-muscled chest, transferring the tickle of all that hair from his partner's nose to his right nipple. That nipple pebbled obligingly with the shivery pleasure afforded by the silky rasp of the smaller man's hair on that small, taut nub, and the larger man's hands reflexively tightened their loose grasp of the other's naked posterior, breath hitching slightly as the blood began to gather in a certain anatomical region, filling and firming once-satiated flesh with a renewed surge of carnal hunger.

"Mmm...I guess you really ARE Superman."

An amused purr rose from the boneless lump plastered skin to skin and cell to cell against the larger man's increasingly reinvigorated body, and the teasing lilt in Blair Sandburg's voice as he raised limpid azure eyes to Jim Ellison's face merely served as further incentive for the impressive erection burgeoning in the musky, intimate space between their bodies.

"Well, you're definitely NOT Lois Lane, Chief," came the softly snorted reply, followed by a pained "Ow!" as Blair shifted one hairy leg and wedged it warningly against Jim's vulnerable scrotum. "You're much more attractive," Jim added weakly and was gratified to hear Blair's delighted snicker against his chest.

"I believe it was you who once said--and I quote--'You've got all the moves, babe.' I think I proved your observation right tonight, hm?" Blair murmured smugly, replacing his knee with skillfully stroking fingers that wrung a low, appreciative groan from Jim's throat.

"In triplicate, babe," Jim murmured back fondly, and smothered another Blair chortle aborning beneath the hungry heat of his mouth. The kiss was long, wet, and very thorough, and led inexorably--and quite satisfactorily--to much more sensually energetic pursuits. The conclusion of such enthusiastic endeavors left both men sublimely drained of all coherent thought, and with Jim's larger form draped possessively over his happily unprotesting partner, two pairs of fire-lit eyes wordlessly connected, melded, and then slid peacefully closed, at safe remove from the perilous edge of the abyss that had tried and failed to claim them.