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(THE STORIES ARE ON THIS PAGE ARE RATED NC-17. If you are not over the age of majority in your area, or the idea of m/m sex bothers you, you can read Sharilyn's TS Gen Fic here.)

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NEW! - Into the Fire, Lightning Strike, Sealed by Fire




The Love That Consumes Us
Sensitivity Silence

Blair and Jim deal with the aftershocks of a call gone bad.

Into the Fire Lightning Strike





This story deals with a brain-damaged Blair and Jim's attempts to bring him back to the 'real' world; the first story is called "Half-Life and is told from Blair's confused point of view as he tries to cope with what's happened to him. Following "Half-Life" will be Jim's p.o.v in the story called "Far Away." After that we go back to Blair's p.o.v. for the story "Fade to Gray." All three stories make up this series.

Far Away

Sequel to Half-Life

Part 1, Part 2

Fade to Gray

Sequel to Far Away

Part 1, Part 2




Sealed by Fire

Set shortly after Blair's drowning and the events at the Temple of the Sentinels, this is a rather meandering J/B conversation dealing with the partnership/friendship issues raised from Alex's intrusion and interference in their lives.