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NEW! - Yet Another Confusing, All-Dialogue Emmett Adventure!



Heat, life

When Blair is wounded, Jim's senses come to the fore to help him save his guide.

Coming to Terms

This is a short sequel to my other story, "Heat, Life"; while it isn't absolutely necessary to have read that one first, it does help fill in the blanks,so to speak, as far as the subject of this fic.

So Blue, Ascending

When Blair tries to defend the helpless, he might have to pay for his kindness with his life.



Jim has a bit of trouble now and then with his bond to Blair,especially the tactile elements of their relationship.


Yet another post-TSByBS study; introspection and angst on Blair's part, told in the dreaded first person pov (so sue me, I was channeling Blair for a bit!).

Leaving You

This story takes events from both "Sentinel I and II" and from "TSByBS" as background and is told from Jim's pov.


A series of three vignettes.


Another airport, Blair-coming-home again, reflective Jim's pov fic, ha.

A Fine Day To Exit

The old formula of missing character, frantic partner...

The Tally

Just an angsty vignette.


This one isn't just about Jim and Blair; Henri has a part, as does the ever-skillful paramedic, Emmett, from a previous story of mine.

Sleight of Hand

A dream, a song, a bad guy on the roof, angst and owies and so forth.

Rescue Run

A rather meandering Blair monologue as Jim is rushed to the hospital via ambulance.

Tea and Empathy

A little morning-after-the-stakeout fic.


Frazzled Guide. Humor.

Yet Another Confusing, All-Dialogue Emmett Adventure!

Yet another of my hard-to-follow dialogue only pieces in which Blair is whumped, Jim zones, etc. Features Emmett the EMT, from a couple of my previous fics.




You Could Be Happy

Introspective, sad Jim. Post TSbyBS.


Cypher tag.


Blair awakes. Tag for BMB.

No Regrets

Blair makes a decision. Post- TSbyBS.

Mad Life

A series of three vignettes. Tag for TSbyBS.