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The Melding

Jack and Daniel find themselves in another bad situation offworld.


Continuation of The Melding.



A Murmur, A Sigh

(in three parts)

More suffering for Jack, and Daniel doesn't know how to help

Actions Speak Louder

More misadventures for SG-1

All Wet

Jack's in trouble after a prank goes awry.

Aversion Therapy

Jack's having a very bad day, and Teal'c's isn't so hot, either.

Of Beasts and Men

Jack's in another fix!


The Gift

Aftermath of a battle.

Hearts of Stone

SG-1 faces yet another bizzarre adventure on a strange world.

Hidden Depths

Jack in the infirmary again; gratuitous mention of cows.

Leap Before You Look

Plenty of Jack grouching, some Carter glaring, Teal'c sniffing disdainfully and Daniel absently searching for his beloved glasses...oh, and slime, of course.

Man's Best Friend

Jack stranded on yet another backwards alien planet.

Prisoners of Ataroth

I just keep putting Jack in prisons and dungeons, sigh; but this one is inspired by a particular poem by Lord Byron, entitled "The Prisoner of Chillon."

Scout's Honor

What's up with Jack and Scout since their return to earth, sequel to Man's Best Friend


For Hejira, who wanted Jack's nails ripped off (ouch!)Poor Jack, will he survive the pain?

Whispers of Innocence

Jack has difficulty dealing with the mores and expectations of the society SG-1 has gated to.
Warnings: Mention of pedophilia, which plays a major role in this story and I have tried to handle it in a way that is effective but not exploitative or obscene.