Cutting It Close
by Kira

They planned it well.  Alex of course had done the most planning, with Mulder adding the little details to the plot that made it not just a plot, but a sophisticated one.

And it went off without a hitch.

Mulder called Alex on the cell phone to let him know the target had left his office and was heading to the parking garage.

Alex called Mulder to let him know the 'package' had been picked up and he was heading to their hideout to deal with it.  They would rendezvous at 1700 hours and complete their scheme.

Mulder managed to snow Scully for the next two hours.  She kept pestering him about his nervous habits.  She couldn't understand why the ceiling was peppered with pencils and why the floor was littered with a fine sprinkling of sunflower seeds.  She proceeded to interrogate him at length.  But he didn't crack.  Their pact was safe, and they wouldn't be kept from their duty.

When the clock hit five, Mulder tossed his last pencil upwards and left the office.  He was ready, he was.  His stomach had a few butterflies but that was to be expected.  This wasn't going to be any easy task, after all.  His fingers drummed nervously against his thigh during the elevator ride down to the garage.  And he practised deep breathing on the interstate.

By the time he reached the secluded cabin, specifically selected for its isolation, he was calm, ready and psyched.

Alex met him at the door, his face serious.  Mulder gave a him a quick kiss.

"Everything ready?"

Alex nodded tersely.  "Yeah.  It's not going to be pretty though."

"Trust me.  It's for the best.  No matter what anyone else says.  Just stick to the plan."

"Remember, we have to provide a united front.  No backing down.  Be strong.  It has to be done.  You know it, right love?"  Alex pulled him back in for more searing kiss.  Then he locked gazed with him, green meeting hazel.  "Let's do it."

They walked into the cabin, a single room affair with minimal furnishings.  Centre stage was a large king-sized bed.  It dominated the room, competing effortlessly with the recessed shower space, small kitchenette and leather sofa that lurked in the far corner.  But the bed wasn't what kept their attention.  No, it was what, or who was on the bed, that made them pull back their shoulders in determination.

"Let me go." It was a growled command.

Alex approached the bed.  "You know we can't do that."

Handcuffs rattled and muscled upper arms strained.  "You'll regret this."

"No.  I'm pretty sure we won't," Mulder added.  "Just relax and you won't get hurt."

In unison, they attacked.

Mulder quickly swiped the upper lip with soft, creamy unscented foam while Alex wicked the razor blade against the whet stone.  With a nod, Mulder relinquished his place to Alex, who with a few deft strokes removed the offensive object, ignoring the steely grey glare from their captive.

It was over in minutes.  At least the first stage.

Alex let his fingers trail over the path the blade had taken, revelling in the smooth skin.  "So soft."

"Fuck you," Walter Skinner growled.

An unholy gleam lit Alex's eyes.  "Now that, my dear Walter, is perfectly in keeping with our plan."

He sensually stood and proceeded to strip, tantalizingly slowly.  Already naked, Walter didn't have much luck in hiding how the impromptu strip tease affect him, and Mulder put his lips close to his ear.  "You want to fuck him, Walt?" he whispered, letting his breath tickle the ear lobe.

Walter swallowed as Alex finished de-robing and returned to the bed.  "Yes," he croaked.

Alex straddled him, settling his butt over Walter's groin.  And Walter groaned as his erection pressed against the tight crease that teased him.  Alex gave a full body shimmy that left Walter panting.  Mulder, in the meantime, continued his assault on his ear, whispering sweet and naughty nothings while his fingers danced over the broad chest at his disposal, tweaking nipples into hard peaks.

"You really want me?" Alex said, with a wicked smile, rising slightly and letting the cock at his ass stroke between his cheeks.

"Yes!" Walter shouted, his wrists and ankles once again rattling the cuffs.  "Damn it!"

"On one condition," Mulder crooned, his lips tracing Walter's adam's apple.

"What?" Walter gasped, as Alex liberated more foam and reached behind himself to loosen his ass hole.

Mulder wickedly pinched a nipple, delighting in the moan of desire it elicited.  "You have to make a promise."

Alex moved once again, positioning himself over Walter's cock, and began to lower himself.  His chest heaved as the head of the cock breached him.  And then he stopped.

Walter rolled his eyes in frustration.  "Okay!  Whatever!  Just do it, damn it!" he shouted.

"You have to promise to never...and I mean *never*...grow the mustache again."

"Promise." Walter gasped, as Alex gave in another inch, sinking down and taking Walter into his body.

"Pinky swear?" Mulder asked with a gleam in his eye.

"Yes!" Walter roared.  With an answering peal of laughter, Alex took pity on his lover and sank down completely, his eyes fluttering shut at the sensation.  Mulder hastily shucked his own clothes, eager to participate.  He straddled Walter's chest and offered his cock for Walter to suck.
It wasn't often that Walter played the bottom, preferring to take charge, so Mulder was going to milk the opportunity for all it was worth, pun utterly totally intended.

The look in Walter's eyes heralded some delightful suffering to come in the future, but despite the promised retaliation, he conceded the fight and laved the underside of Mulder's cock.  He traced the veins, paused lovingly over the head to gather some of the collecting semen before taking it deep into his mouth and sucking like there was no tomorrow.

Alex set the rhythm, moving up and down so as to nudge his prostate on every downward thrust.  Soft gasps escaped his lips and his hands twitched to move on his cock.  But he prevailed, clenching the bed sheets in his desire to come from the cock in his ass alone.

The bed creaked, but its carefully carven legs held up under the duress.  The air resounded with cries for more, wordless gasps of pleasure and shouts of ecstasy.

Alex let go of the sheets to palm Mulder's ass, squeezing the firm globed and delving a finger into the warmth of his ass, massaging from the inside.  At the unexpected invader, Mulder cried out and came, spurting down Walter's throat.  Alex felt his impending orgasm and sank as deeply as he could onto the hard shaft that pierced him.  He clenched hard around its girth and bit his lip with the pleasure that welled up from his stomach.  It was too much.  He was going to come.

"Oh God!"  He could feel Walter come as he did, warmth flooding his insides and streaming down his thighs in messy splendour.  He struggled to catch his breath as his ass clenched convulsively.

Spent and sated, Alex and Mulder collapsed in a messy heap around their captive.  It was impossible to tell whose legs belonged to whom, and where one torso began and another finished.

Alex traced patterns in the semen covering Walter's chest and laughed.  His lovers looked at him quizzically.

"What's so funny?"  Mulder demanded, not seeing anything funny at all about one of the more intense orgasms he'd had in days.

Alex smiled, his face flushed and eyes shining.  "Well, I guess that mustache was good for something."