by Kira

Rafe loosened his tie as he leaned against the door, eyes closed.  The day had been hellish, two murders, a rape, and a vicious armed robbery.  All he wanted was a beer, and the blessed oblivion of sleep.  He suddenly realized his apartment was warm, despite the fact he had turned off the thermostat when he had left.  He opened his eyes, slowly adjusting to the dark interior of the small porch area.  The living room and the kitchen lights were off, just as he had left them, but a thin line of light shone from beneath his bedroom door.

He pushed open the door, shrugging off his coat.  A soft puff of breath left his lips at the sight before him.  Sprawled on the ample bed, arms and legs akimbo, Blair Sandburg lay on his stomach, draped on top of the cotton comforter.  Candles flickered, sending wavering shadows and glowing light over Blair's naked skin.  Brian draped his jacket carefully and quietly on the doorknob, never taking his eyes off the beautiful man in his bed.  Blair probably had wanted to surprise him.  Damn.  He should've called and said he'd be late.

He trailed his eyes up Blair's body, from the strongly arched feet, firmly muscled calves, slim hips, rounded, delectable ass, smoothly planed back, to the tousled curls that shrouded Blair's head. Brian toed off his shoes and sat on the bed.  He resisted the urge to run his hand over Blair's warm skin, not wanting to disturb his lover's slumber.

Before he could undress any further, however, sleepy eyes peered up at him, and a small contented smile crossed Blair's face.

"Mmm.  You're home."  Blair squinted myopically at the alarm clock on the night table.  "Late."

"I know.  Sorry.  Last minute case came up and Simon wanted the preliminary report.  Sorry."  He bent down in kissed Blair's upturned lips, dancing his tongue lightly over the soft skin.

"Didn't mean to fall asleep,"  Blair replied in a husky voice.  He stretched, tensing each muscle with pleasure.  "Wanted to welcome you home."

"Oh, you did, love.  You did."  Rafe felt his pants pull uncomfortably, and he shifted.  Blair rose to his knees like a cat, arching his back seductively.

 "One.  Of.  Us."  Blair punctuated each word with a kiss, peppering Brian's lips and eyelids.  "Is.  Overdressed."

Rafe closed his eyes and reclined on the bed as Blair's fingers worked their magic.  He heard Blair laugh with glee as nimble fingers worked at the buttons and zipper that contain Rafe's growing erection.  Soon, he was as naked as Blair.  He opened his eyes, no longer content with being passive.  Blair straddled his thighs, face flushed, chest rising and falling with arousal.  Rafe reached up and gently stroked the erect cock that bobbed against Blair stomach, surrounded by wiry curls.  Blair hissed and thrust his hips lightly into the touch.

With speed and grace, born of long hours of PD training, Rafe reversed their positions, pinning Blair beneath him, hands held over his head, legs spread wantonly.  With only a hitch in his breath, Blair ran the tip of his tongue over his lower lip.  Rafe couldn't resist diving in for another case, suckling at the plump lip, sweeping his tongue into the moist heat of Blair's mouth.  Blair whimpered, shifting beneath him, and setting his cock on fire with arousal.

Brian let go the wrists that strained against his hands, tracing the lines of Blair's muscles and tendons, caressing soft skin and reveling in the feel of downy hair that tickled his fingertips.

"Love me."  Blair whispered, eyes so dark they were almost black.

"You know I do."  Brian nuzzled at the nape of Blair's neck, encouraging the younger man to lean back and bare more of his throat.  "I love your body,  your mind, your soul."

"No.  Make love to me."  Blair placed his hands on either side of Rafe's head, as he emphasized his words.  Rafe felt the breath leave his lungs in a whoosh; both at the thought of making love to Blair in that way--which they hadn't yet done -- and at the incredible confidence and love shining from the blue depths of Blair's eyes.

"Are...are you..." Brian could barely form the words, as Blair gracefully reached under the pillow and pressed a condom with a packet of lube into his suddenly trembling hand.

This was uncharted territory.  Jerking each other off, no matter how romantic, seemed like such a small measure of love compared to this show of faith, trust and desire.  The room was quiet but for the soft pants of their breath, and the occasional hiss of a sputtering candle.  Rafe gently maneuvered Blair onto his side, urging his legs up to his chest and spooning behind him.

He inhaled the sweet floral scent of Blair's hair, as he settled his cock in the crack of Blair's ass.  He could barely breathe, his love of Blair threatening to take his air.  He clung to the warm bundle in his arms, almost believing that this couldn't be real.  So much perfection could only be a dream.  But the soft murmurs of encouragement as he carefully prepared Blair, reassured him that this was indeed real.

His fingers slipped past the slowly loosening sphincter, and he took in the remarkable softness within.  Blair was whimpering, making undulating thrusts back onto his fingers, and stroking up Rafe's thigh with his hand, nails raking lightly over the dusky skin.

"Now.  Please."

It was a command, a question, a plea.

Rafe eased his throbbing cock between Blair's ass cheeks, pressing carefully against the puckered opening glistening with lube.

"Love you, mine."  Rafe kissed Blair's shoulder as he pressed in.  Blair rocked back, wincing as he took the tip of Rafe's cock into his center.  They gasped in unison; Blair at the incredible fullness, Rafe at the incredible sensation of molten heat that surrounded his cock.

Their first time ever together had been hot and heavy, steaming up the windows of Blair's car.  This however was a slow burn, soft and gentle.  Teasing and light.  Rafe gently rocked his groin against the wonderful curve of Blair's ass, reaching around to grasp the erection left unattended between Blair thighs.  He chuckled at Blair's cry and held firm, as Blair tried to move forward and backward at the same time.  He enfolded Blair within his arms, setting the pace infuriatingly--get lovingly--slow.

Blair's hands clenched on Rafe's buttock in time with his languid thrusts, as he silently urged for more.  Rafe felt the first spasm ripple up his cock and realized he wouldn't last long.  He lengthened his thrusts.  Each one drove his cock deep into Blair, brushing against the sensitive gland, and eliciting erotic whimpers of the delight from Blair.

"Brian!"  Blair cried and came.  He shuddered in Rafe's grasp.  Rafe continued to milk the softening shaft, semen wet and sticky in his palm.  He kissed Blair's neck, and nuzzled at the sweaty skin.  The pleasure was blinding, searing his heart and soul with fire.  He bit down on tender skin as he came, and rejoiced in the beauty of the moment.  Pure pleasure could not be greater.

The candles flickered over the spent men, and Rafe fought against the urge to fall asleep.  He lapped at the reddened flesh above Blair's collarbone, before reaching over to snag the towel Blair had left beside the bed. *He thinks about everything,* Rafe mused with affection.

Blair barely cracked his eyelids, as Rafe pulled him over and tucked his head against the older man's shoulder.  Legs tangled, arms entwined, the lovers drifted in the love which was tangible in the air.  Rafe looked down at the flushed face that smiled dreamily up at him.  There was an ache in his heart that the beauty before him could not assuage.

He knew that this was a fleeting moment in time and he feared his time was nearly up.

For now though, he would bask in the joy of Blair's presence and thank the fates that had given him the strength to ask Blair out and start them down this road they traveled.  Rafe couldn't see around the curves ahead, and he would have to contend himself with the wondrous curves he held in his arms.