See Heaven
by Kira

Blair tossed his keys into the basket and rested his back against the door. God, he was glad the day was over. Now, all he had to do were the umpteen chores that awaited him. Hmmm. Which to choose first, cleaning the grout in the tub, or doing the mound of laundry that threatened to
bury him whenever he opened the closet.

"Jim? You home?"

Silence. And it was such a shame, because doing laundry together was something all couples should do. He dragged his book bag into the study, snatching up the laundry basket that he had dropped in there the last time he had ventured into the basement when the underwear supply had dwindled.

A hand grasped his shoulder and he jumped, hand swinging in a fist almost without his conscious awareness.

"Whoa, Chief. Save it for the ring." Jim's tenor voice rumbled in his ear as the older man captured Blair's hand easily within his own.

"Shit, Jim. I'm not ready to go grey. Have a heart. Actually, feel mine. I think you broke it."

Jim kissed the palm of Blair's hand then brought it to rest against his chest. "Sorry."

Blair felt heat rush into his face at the tenderness in the action and the utter insincerity of the apology. "Charmer."

"What you doing?"

"This, oh great Detective, is what we use to do that odd cultural ritual known as laundry." Blair hefted the basket in his free hand. "You mentioned needing underwear."

"Underwear can wait. At least mine." Jim tugged gently at the rim of the basket, coaxing it free from Blair's grasp. "I have something to show you."

"Can it wait? I really don't want to end up matching socks way into the wee hours of the night."

"Nope. Come on."

Allowing Jim to guide him, Blair rolled his eyes but acquiesced to Jim's gentle tugging. When Jim pulled him out of the loft, though, his curiosity rose. As they waited for the elevator, Jim smiled enigmatically and Blair squinted suspiciously. He didn't understand. Jim had spent the day in court, an activity which normally rendered him grumpy, surly, and more than a little grouchy. Unless he had physically assaulted the defence lawyer, Blair couldn't understand the source of
Jim's contentment.

With a gentle ping the elevator doors opened and Jim gallantly swept a hand for Blair to precede him. Then, Blair watched with more amazement as Jim flourished a key, inserted it into a lock on the panel with the buttons and turned it. The elevator began to rise.

As their apartment was on the third, and top floor, Blair was beginning to wonder what twilight zone he had stepped into. But before he could ask, the car slipped to a stop and Jim released the key.

As the doors opened, Blair could only look out and stare. He hadn't known there was a rooftop. Well, he had known there was a roof, of course. But he hadn't known that there was a small space which bordered the skylight of the loft. A space which was decked out with small white lights, two sleeping bags zipped together, a basket filled with fruits, crackers and what looked to be Blair's favourite wine.

Jim's presence at his back urged him gently forward and the elevator doors closed behind them.

"Happy Anniversary, Chief." Jim's arms wrapped around Blair's waist, tugging him back against the warm firm body.

"''s beautiful." He turned in the embrace, his eyebrows furrowing. "But it's not our anniversary until November."

"Not that anniversary. The anniversary of the day I fell head over heels for you." Jim's eyes were bright and his smile grew.

Blair wracked his brain. He couldn't have forgotten something that important. He couldn't.

"The day you poked me in the chest when I had you up against a wall, and then, despite what I did, saved me from a garbage truck."

Blair's jaw dropped. So it was. Four years to the day. All other thoughts drifted as Jim gently pushed his chin up and brought his head down to brush his lips across Blair's mouth.

When they finally separated, Blair was grasping for words. "God, Jim. This!"

"Food first?" Jim asked with a smile as he pulled Blair further onto the small deck. Sinking down onto the sleeping bags, Blair looked about with wonder. Jim had obviously prepared this far in advance. The white lights were gentle and soft, frosted bulbs taking the edge off the light. There
were even bushes and shrubs in the wooden slats that bordered the roof. And trellises bordered the walls, partially blocking the view from neighbouring buildings and providing a semblance of privacy.

With a soft pop the cork from the wine bottle came free. Jim pulled two long stemmed glasses from the basket and expertly poured. Blair inhaled the bouquet and smiled. It was indeed his favourite.

Encouraged to do nothing, he watched as Jim pulled out plastic containers which turned out to yield diced fruit and pitted grapes and cherries. Jim placed the container between them, settled down on an elbow and plucked a piece of kiwi out from the salad. Holding it between two fingers, he held it to Blair's lips.

Needing no encouragement, Blair enveloped the succulent morsel. Sweet and tangy. He reciprocated, closing his eyes as Jim's lips caressed his finger tips and that oh so skilful tongue daintily licked the juices that trailed down his fingers.

"Jim, this is incredible." He didn't care if he sounded like a record stuck on one track.

"I love you."

The naked need in Jim's voice made Blair pause. He reached out and stroked Jim's cheek with one hand. It all made sense now. This was Jim's attempt at show, don't tell. Blair smiled gently, wishing he could pluck the pain from Jim's heart and make it all go away, leaving nothing but the
joy, the love and happiness.

"I love you too."

The container of fruit tipped over, but they didn't care. They were too busy licking, sucking and stroking each other's mouths, lips and tongues. The bottle of wine rocked wildly but settled on it's wide base as Jim's elbow knocked it during his haste to unbutton Blair's shirt.

The July air was warm and humid, even at dusk. Not even a goosebump raised as Jim divested Blair of his top and then his jeans. The only shuddering was from the ever teasing strokes that Jim plied along his torso, down his ribs across his hips and down his thighs.

"I missed you." Jim murmured between kisses. "I wanted to be with you all day."

Blair bared his throat for a sensual nuzzle. "Absence makes the heart go stronger."

Jim growled with mock anger and rolled them so Blair was flat on his back and Jim straddled his legs. "A stitch in time saves nine," he replied with a wicked glint in his eye as he simply sank onto Blair's erection.

Blair shouted with the intimate contact and the  unbelievable sensation. "Oh. My. God." Jim had been ready for him. His eyes rolled back at the thought of Jim stretching himself, lubing himself. So close. So damn close. And they had barely begun.

Jim ran his hands up to Blair's nipples, caressing them with thumb and forefinger. Then with two quick pinches that left Blair gasping, he braced his hands on either side of Blair's head and began to move, even as he bent his head to ravage Blair's mouth. Blair couldn't resist moving his
hands down Jim's back to rest upon the flexing ass, urging him on with subtle squeezes.

The sound of the city surrounded them, cocooning them in a blanket of white noise. The cars below, shouts of pedestrians celebrating the Jag's late night victory merged into a throb, the hum of the city.

Breath ragged they rocked together, oblivious to the life around them. The world shrunk into the here, the now.

"Jim...oh please. Jim." Blair threw his head back as Jim added a slight twist to the movement of his hips. Jim muted a shout in Blair's shoulder.

"Blair. Blair!" Jim shuddered and tensed. The tendons in his neck strained against skin and Blair felt the warm splatter of semen across his chest. The clenching pull around his erection pulled him down into the abyss and he came, clutching Jim's shoulder and gasping his name.

Jim's weight on his chest threatened to cut off his breath, so Blair managed to convince the dead weight to roll cautiously over. They lay on their sides facing each other, sweat streaked and sated. But even then, they didn't stop touching. Jim's hand flexed in Blair's hair and Blair's fingers ran along the elegant planes of Jim's right hip and thigh.

"That was amazing." Blair sighed with a gentle smile.

"I think you've said that a lot," Jim replied with a contented grin. He righted the fruit container and salvaged some of the pieces, offering one to Blair. "I'm glad you liked it. I...I didn't mean to jump you quite so quick, though."

Blair stretched. "Hey, do you see me complaining?"

Jim shook his head. "No, I just don't..." He blew out his breath in frustration. "I just don't want all of our celebrations to have to end up in bed."

Blair propped himself up on his elbow. Shit. He didn't want his worries about Jim's insecurities to blow up into even more securities which would eliminate all the spontaneity of their sex life. Hell, he loved spontaneity. Lots of it.

He sat up, urged Jim onto his back and comfortable settled himself on top, a living blanket. "We have great sex. That doesn't diminish anything. Who cares if we end up in bed all the time? Sounds like worse things can happen."

Jim huffed and brought his hands up to run lengthwise down Blair's spine."I just don't get it. First you tell me you feel that the only way I show you I care is through sex. Then you tell me it's okay if everything ends up with us having sex."

Blair could hear the honest frustration in his voice. And in retrospect, he realized it did sound rather contradictory. Trying to gather his wandering thoughts, despite Jim's wandering hands, he attempted to explain. "Jim, it's not just the sex. It''s that you remembered today was the anniversary of the day you almost got creamed by a truck, but for my heroic intervention. That you made the sex a special thing because of it." Blair interrupted his own groping for a grandiose wave that encompassed the rooftop. "Giving me this. This is what makes it go beyond just sex. Not that the sex wasn't spectacular, mind you," he added with a lecherous look.

"It was, wasn't it." Jim managed to look smug in spite of Blair's concerted effort to get a rise out of more ways than one.

"You do realize that we won't have laundry tomorrow," Blair mused, the thought coming to him from out of the blue.

Jim ground his hips upwards against Blair and they both gasped at the renewing pleasure. "You could always go commando."

Blair laughed and began his assault on the fortress that was Jim. Jim let down the drawbridge and surrendered without protest.