Endless Love
by Kira

Jim dumped his key into the basket and threw his jacket towards the hook, hoping that it landed, because he was too tired, and too pissed to pick it up.  He kicked off his shoes, slumped onto the couch and closed his eyes.  Tilting his head back, he sighed and wished that the day would just hurry up and end.  Endless paper work, a robber who just didn't want to give up the chase, three dead end leads, and an IA investigation, were all making him cranky and tired.  And all he wanted was to go to bed.

A soft touch to his shoulder made him open his eyes.  Blue eyes, framed with freshly dried curls, met his gaze and a bottle of beer was waved teasingly before him.

"Wanna drink?"

"Oh yeah."  Jim reached for the bottle only to have it pulled out of reach.  Blair shook his head, sending shivers down Jim's spine as the curls brushed by his face.

"Ah, ah, ah."  Blair took a long sip from the bottle, mesmerizing Jim with the sight of the lip of the bottle disappearing into the warm moist mouth.  Blair set the bottle on the coffee table and straddled Jim's lap, settling his weight comfortably against Jim.  Jim watched, feeling much like Bambi caught in the glare of an oncoming car, as Blair slowly moved down, sealing his lips over Jim's mouth.

Jim opened his lips and the cool beer was a shocking contrast to the supple warmth of the tongue that invaded his mouth, probing and stroking.  He ran his hands up and down Blair's back, stroking the muscles and they flexed beneath the layers of flannel, no barrier to a Sentinel.

They broke apart, and Blair did a sensuous wriggle that set Jim on fire inside.

"You ever get a lap dance, Jim?" Blair whispered in his ear, lapping delicately at the rim and nipping the lobe with strong teeth.  Jim fastened his hands at Blair's waist, pulling the flannel shirt out from the faded jeans and running his hand up under the shirt to play with the soft fuzz that covered his lover's chest.

Blair closed his eyes at the incredible dance of Sentinel fingers over his skin.  He'd had talented lovers in the past, but none compared to the wonder and joy of making love to Jim.  The incredible sensations swept him away and he only managed one more bump and grind before Jim moved them sideways on the couch, Blair kneeling over Jim.

"I want more than just a lap dance, Chief.  I want everything.  I want it all."

"Yeah?  Everything?"

"Everything.  Always."

Blair froze.  That was the first time *that* had ever been said.   Jim didn't let him ponder for long, pulling him down for another searing kiss that left him breathless.  But Blair had to know...he had to be certain.   He pulled back and grabbed Jim's face between his hands.

"A...a...always, Jim?"  He couldn't help the stammer.  This was too important, to precious.   Jim smiled softly, no trace of the smirk that normally graced his features.  He caught Blair's face head between his own hands, stroking the soft curls that teased at his fingers.

"Eternity and beyond."

"I love you, Jim Ellison."

A promise made, a vow given.  It wasn't written in stone, and it didn't have to be.  It was seared in their very souls.

Hand feverishly attacked clothing, pulling and pushing, ripping when buttons wouldn't give, and struggling with recalcitrant zippers.  Finally bare, they rubbed and stroked, caressed and kissed.  Blair rocked his hips against Jim, his hard cock bumping against the Jim's straining erection.  They kissed, tongues duelling and teeth clicking softly, moaning as the heated contact of groin against groin drove them onwards.

"Jim, love, want...you...now."  Blair gasped between pants, pressing down on Jim with his stocky frame.


The small stash of lube under the cushion was quickly routed out amidst a number of dust bunnies and a couple of lost pennies from deep within the couch.  It had been a while since they had spontaneously dropped everything, so to speak.  Tense with anticipation, Blair moaned as Jim pierced him with his fingers, soothing the cool gel around and in the tight opening.

Blair licked at Jim's neck, sampling the salty tang of Jim's sweat-dampened skin as the fingers worked their magic, stretching, loosening and pleasuring from within.  Mad with desire, he keened as the fingers deserted him.

"Easy, love.  Just let me guide you.  Trust me."  Jim's strong hands settled on his waist and directed him down to the slick erection.  Letting gravity take over, Blair slowly took Jim into him, feeling them connect in the most intimate of ways.  Gently, ever so gently, Jim let Blair sink down, enveloping the hard shaft in a sheath of moist, muscled heat.

Rocking back and forth, up and down, Blair began to cry out with each downward motion.  Jim tilted his head back, burrowing into the cushion as the clenching channel began to spasm around him.  Almost unbearable pleasure flooded him as he climaxed, spurting deep within Blair's body.  Blair continued to rock, squeezing the softening cock with his internal muscles.  Jim groaned as his stomach was suddenly bathed with Blair's seed, his cock trapped in a flexing passage of pleasure.

Blair stared down at him, flushed and more beautiful than ever.  His lips were parted to let his tongue moisten the full lips, and an impish grin graced his features.

"You up for more, big guy?"  Jim's eyes widened at the purposeful squeeze on his cock.  Life was good, he mused, and he prayed that the day would never end.