The Cold Road
by Kira

It was cold.  Blair could see the tips of his curls turning white with frost, his breath a dissipating mist rising from beneath his scarf.  His ears felt numb, his fingers had lost all sensation and the damp wet of his socks and cuffs of his jeans had settled deep into his bones.  The rest of his journey from the sidewalk to the door of the building seemed to take forever, but eventually, the warmth of indoors wafted against his face, sending his nerves tingling.

The elevator was working and Blair sent a prayer up to whatever deity was eavesdropping.  He didn't think he could lift his frozen knees high enough to make it up the three flights of stairs.  He reached for the door knob of 307, but the handle turned before his mitts even touched the metal.  The door swung open and he was drawn in to the cozy warmth of the dimly lit loft.

He gaped in amazement at the myriad of candles that were scattered liberally around the loft, casting wavering shadows with gold-fuzzed edges.  A fire crackled in the fireplace, sparks dancing in the updraft as they were pulled up the flue on their journey to the cold outside.  The flames wavered as the door shut behind him.

His damp jacket, mitts and scarf were whisked away, leaving a tousle-haired, red-cheeked, runny-nosed guide in clammy jeans and a sodden sweater.  His cold hands were wrapped around a ceramic mug, steaming with warm coffee, the scent of Irish Creme wafting about his reddened nose.

It was a bit of a dance as his jeans, socks and top were removed, leaving the only dry piece of clothing on him, his cotton boxers which had survived the blizzard intact.  A thick quilt was quickly draped about his shoulders and before he could blink, he was seated on a bed of cushions on the floor in front of the fire.

His back was propped up against the sturdy chest of his lover, whose strong hands began to kneed the stiff muscles in his shoulders.  Blair sank back into the caress and rested his elbows on the bare knees that were crooked on either side of him, hemming him securely between the long legs.  He sipped the coffee, relishing the warm glow it awakened in him.

"I thought we could do something special."  Blair grinned at the husky voice, closing his eyes at a shiver that had absolutely nothing to do with the cold.  He wriggled back, his cotton-clad ass nestling against the awakening groin.

"Special?  Why?"  Blair racked his brain, wondering what was the reason behind the incredibly romantic setting.  Not that he was complaining, mind you.  He just wanted to be clear on why.

"It's our anniversary."

That froze Blair mid-sip, the heat of the liqueur spiked coffee stinging his tongue.  Anniversary?  His brow crinkled as he thought of the event.  He drew a blank.  "Anniversary?"  He whispered, ashamed at having forgotten and obviously important event.

"It's a year since I first saw the man who would capture my heart."

Blair's throat threatened to choke as the emotions rushed over him.  First declaration of love he could understand, first date, first kiss.  But that this man would remember the first day he had ever seen him as a moment to celebrate in their relationship bowled him over.

He put down the mug and turned, the blanket falling unnoticed down his shoulders, revealing winter-pale skin that glowed in the firelight.   He cupped his hands around the face that had come to mean the world to him.  "I love you."  It was a soft whisper that hung in the air, a soft bell of commitment that sank into both of their souls.

"I love you too, Blair.  Forever.  No matter what."

Blair blinked at the sudden prickling in his eyes.  This was too good to last, a small voice screamed.  But Blair ignored it.  This was too good not to last.  He leaned forward and their lips touched, parting and letting tongues duel lazily.  They tasted one another, relishing the feel of skin on skin.  The blanket fell down Blair's back as strong hands caressed his spine, stroking down to the swell of his ass.  A finger stroked familiarly into the crack that protected Blair's centre, probing intimately into him.

Blair rose to his knees, hands pressing onto the strong shoulders that flexed beneath his hands. "Make love to me.  Now.  Please."  He moaned as the hands clenched his ass in response, warmed oil dripping down over his skin.  "Oh god.  Yes.  More.  Pleasepleaseplease."

The world spun dizzily as he was pressed back onto the cushions, his legs drawn up to his chest, exposed and ready for his lover.  He wasn't disappointed.  The penetration was smooth, quick, and took his breath away.  He closed his eyes, revelling in the overabundance of stimulus, the hands on his nipples, cock in his ass, lips on his neck.  It was too good to last, and this Blair knew had to end.  But the ending was glorious.

Rocking back and forth, they twisted together, his hands fisted in the short hair, roving over the shoulders and biceps.  They chorused a duet together, crying as the pleasure broke in waves.  Blair clenched about the throbbing cock in him, milking an orgasm from the man thrusting into him.  His legs moved about his lovers waist, pulling him in deep and keeping him there as they descending from their climaxes.  He never wanted to leave this cocoon of warmth, this haven of love in the midst of a cold world.  This would be his forever.

"Don't leave me," he begged, pressing his feet against his lover's buttocks, voice cracking with the depth of emotion.

"I'll love you for the rest of my life," his lover vowed.

"Love you, Brian."  Blair nestled his face against Rafe's neck, breathing in the scent of sweat and semen that surrounded them.  Outside, the cold wind howled, rattling the windows with sleet.