Virtue: Cleanliness
by Kira

Virtues: Cleanliness

Blair stepped into the shower and let the heat seep into his bones.  The day had been a long one and he was glad to be washing off the residual 'unclean' feeling from the nasty crime scene he had been visiting, tagging along with Jim.

The door to the bathroom creaked open and Jim's voice echoed in the tiled room.

"Room for two, Chief?"

The low throaty voice sent signals directly to Blair's groin, tightening and electrifying the muscles in his belly.


Jim snuck in, trying to keep most of the water in by making the disturbance to the shower curtain as quick as possible.  A futile gesture at best as water tended to inevitably escape during their double showers anyway.  Blair shivered despite the steam as Jim, naked and half erect, sidled up behind him to press the smaller man against the wall of the shower.

Blair gave a full body wriggle as Jim's cock slid erotically against his crack, teasing his centre with gentle strokes.  He managed to get his hands placed on the wall for support as Jim began to rub his hands, filled with shower gel, over Blair's chest.  The gel foamed, and spread over the soft hair that swirled and patterned under the attention.   Jim snuffled at Blair's neck, pushing damp tendrils of hair out of the way to access the sweep of the younger man's neck.

Blair pushed back, craving deeper stimulation than the teasing strokes of Jim's cock against his ass.  He undulated against Jim's slick skin as Jim's fingers teased around his nipples, flicking the silver ring in the right one.  Blair gasped at the unexpected sensation and threw his head back, scattering water beads as Jim slid a hand further down to encircle the engorged shaft jutting between Blair's thighs.

Blair was torn, wanting, craving to feel Jim's cock enter him, pierce him.  But the gentle stroking on his cock was elevating his pleasure by leaps and bounds, rendering him wordless. Yet he managed to communicate with his lover in groans, pants and soft cries of ecstasy, urging him on in his plundering of the willing body before him.

Jim carefully cleaned Blair, pressing a soaped finger inside the tightly clenching channel.  Blair closed his eyes as the Sentinel growled in anticipation.  Thoroughly cleaned, Blair thrust back on Jim's fingers, fucking himself on the invading digits.  Jim's other hand continued its caressing manipulation of Blair's cock and balls, tenderly rolling the sensitive sacs.

By the time Jim had worked the gel into his lover and the tight ring of muscle had relaxed, opening and closing in anticipation, Blair was leaning his forehead against the cool tile as the heated water cascaded over them, slicking their skin.

"Now, Jim.  Now!"  Blair managed to moan.  He pushed back as he felt the blunt head of Jim's cock press against him.  Slowly he impaled himself on Jim's erection, his lover remaining still, relishing the feeling of being surrounded by the soft, tight heat.

Thrusting in with long smooth strokes, Jim nuzzled at Blair's shoulder, teeth grazing the smooth, slick skin.  The tempo of their intimate coupling increased and Blair's whispers began to grow louder as the younger man rocked his hips to increase the depth of their contact.

Blair could feel the pleasure rising deep within him that heralded his climax.  The feelings built, rising and soaring high on a cloud of euphoria.  He felt the sharp sting of Jim's teeth on his shoulder as the Sentinel claimed his mate, holding, but not breaking flesh with his teeth.  The pain/pleasure toppled his precarious balance and he came with a shout, clenching tightly around Jim.
The Sentinel roared and thrust once more into his lover, pressing him against the wall, buried deep within the shuddering young man.  They remained that way, locked in the tightest embrace, neither wanting to let the moment of purest pleasure end.

But like most glorious things, the moment began to fade as the water slowly turned lukewarm, warning of the eminent absence of hot water.  Realizing his lover was already beginning to shiver from the cooling mist, Jim carefully withdrew and quickly and efficiently rinsed them off.

"Ready for bed, love?"  Jim asked as he supported his lover, patting him dry.  He grinned as Blair's cock made the attempt to firm as he carefully dried Blair's intimate parts.  But there would be no more tonight.

"Mmmm.  Yeah.  All clean."

Cleansed of the horror of the day, loved and cherished, Blair snuggled into his lover's strong arms and Jim carried him upstairs to their bed.