After the Beep
by Kira

Note: Thanks to Lisa, Duncan's Twin for getting me the phone number of the loft.  It shows up on Jim's beeper in Cypher, so I'm taking that as the number.  There is another number in Love Kills, but both Lisa and are of agreement that it's Jim's cell phone number.

"Hi, you've reached 555-1014.  We can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

"Jim, it's Simon, where the hell are you?  I got your message.  Don't go after Johnson, Ellison.  You hear me?  If you're there, pick up, damn it.  Look.  Until we can get the warrant, don't go anywhere *near* Johnson, you hear me?  Call me when you get in.  I've got Brown and Rafe going through cemetery records.  We'll find him, Jim.  Just stay calm."

"Hello, this is a message for Blair Sandburg.  This is Linda Fallow calling regarding your personal loan.  Please call me back as soon as possible."

"Jim, you're still not in?  God damn it, if you ever leave your cell phone at the department again, I'll personally shove it where the sun don't shine."

"Hi Sweetie, did you change the message on your machine?  It sounds different, so formal.  Just wanted to let you know that I won't be making your birthday like I thought I would.  I received an invitation to visit some old friends in California, and they won't be there very long, and who knows when I'll see them again.  Hope you don't mind.  Oh yes, and I mailed you an article I thought you might be interested, about an archeologist who left the academic community.   Very sad, such bad karma.  Say 'hi' to Jim, although he's probably listening in, isn't he?  Hi Jim!  Take care of my baby.  I'll phone again.  Bye Sweetie."

"Hey Jim, it's Megan, I'm heading out to St Marcus cemetery, meet me there.  I think it's the place.  The curator reported that after getting H's call about recent burials, he went out and checked, and sure enough, there had been a grave dug, without his knowledge.  So I think we struck gold, mate.  See you there.  Oh yeah, Simon's angrier than a coyote eating veggies, so be warned."

"Jim...I got it working...I don't know...long...batteries....getting wetter...not much time.   Hurry, man.  I don't know how much longer I can...."

"Hello, is this Detective Ellison's residence?  This is Marty Brewster from St.  Marcus' cemetery.  I was asked by a very insistent young woman to call and see if you were home.  She said it was vitally important.  It has something to do with that odd grave I found.  Oh dear, I have to go, a back hoe seems to be digging up my cemetery.  Please tell the young lady I did call.  Thank you."

"Jim, damn it, where the hell are you?  You decide to disappear from hospital and you think I won't be pissed?  Sandburg's been asking for you, I think he's a bit delirious from the congestion in his lungs and all.  The doc says he's going to be okay, which you would have heard if you'd stayed the hell around.  You better not be going after Johnson, Detective.  Rafe and Brown are picking him up, and if I hear you've done anything to him before they arrest him, it won't be pretty.  Get back to the hospital, your partner needs you."

"Blair?  Are you home?  I just heard the most horrible news story on Channel One, about a police observer who was buried alive and almost died before getting saved by the police.  All the grads are in a tizzy about it and everyone thinks it was you.  So, was it?  Call me when you get in.  I got fifty dollars riding on it, so it damn well had better be you, bud.  Cheerio!"

"Hello, this is Cascade General Hospital.  Please be advised that the account for Blair Sandburg is due.  If the amount is not paid by the fifteenth of the month, interest will begin accruing.  If you have any questions, please contact our accounts department.

"Jim, it's Simon again.  I thought you'd be home with the kid by now, but I guess traffic is bad.  Listen, if the hospital calls about paying Blair's bill, ignore it.  I've got some pull, and I figured the department'll foot the bill this time.  But let's do our best to keep him out of trouble, okay?  I'll be talking to Rafe and Brown about your little *adventure* with Johnson.  They assured me that if you hadn't shown up he would have escaped, but that doesn't get you off.  Take the weekend off, its been a rough day.  Be in my office on Monday, eight A.M. sharp and we'll talk about a little thing called insubordination.  Call me when you settle the kid.  Tell him I'm glad he's okay.  Bye."