Would He?

By poyznelf

EMAIL: poisonelf@enter.net


A Birthday Gift Fic for the Phallus Shaped Wand wielding Sexmom.

if i… kissed his lips, would he kiss me back? would he, push me away in anger, or disgust, or denial, or surprise, or… would he, suck me in further, deeper, harder, in hunger, lust, passion, want… need?

if i… ran my hands through his short hair, and over his face, cheekbones, and lips, would he, caress me back? or would he,rip my hands away, then strike me? or would he, wrap his curious fingers in my hair, and hold me to him?

if i… moved my hands to that wide expansive chest, and my tongue to those nipples, bringing them to firm points of pleasure, would he moan in hunger? or would he, deny me the taste of his flesh? or could he find the touch of my lips worshiping him, penance enough to accept the tribute?

if i… touched his manhood, with desire and need, would he consider this necessary to his being, his existence? or would he be soft, unexcited? or would be a bar of velvet covered iron in my hand, dripping honey, and glistening like a rich jewel.

if i… took him in my mouth, sucked him in and drew him into my body, would he, be pleased at my temerity, and eagerness to please him? or would he withdraw unsatisfied, and turn to another for his relief? or would he allow me to draw his essence inside me and find sustenance in him. tasting maybe of rich, dark cocoa sweet, bitter, and raw?

if i… offered him my ass, and allowed him safe harbor in it’s tight slip, would he accept entrance? or would he turn away, and leave me unfilled, my gift untreasured, or unwanted? or would he insert himself to moor himself in my body, and my heart?

he is the person i lust after, and want most, in my most secret desires, and dreams. he is my friend, that i want least to hurt or turn away. he is simon banks, my boss, my captain.

and i blair sandburg, stay silent, my fears of rejection,caging me off from him. as i hop bed to bed, to find succor in other’s bodies, i fantasize of him.