By: poyznelf

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He knew he was in trouble, and in for a world of hurt.

Tied, hands and feet, to the bed frame. Face up. Blindfold in place, over his eyes. White noise earplugs creating a muffle for his ears.

He waited. Muscles tense with anticipation.

Touch and smell off the charts.

He could smell the pheromones in the air, his and his mates'.

He felt the both sides of the bed dip, which startled him at first, till he realized it was his lovers returning. He moaned, and whispered a passionate, "oh god."

Two warm pairs of hands began touching him. Both pairs of a similar size.
Both warm. Both hot!

Suddenly there was the feeling of hot liquid dribbling onto his right nipple.

"Ahhhhh," he arched off the bed, as his cock managed to harden even further. "Simon??? Please..."

He knew which lover was on either side, simply by feel of how the bed sank beneath their totally different weights.

Simon proceeded to pour more of the very warm liquid over his chest and nipples.

Meanwhile the lighter of his two lovers, moved to settle between his legs. His left leg jerked in it's bindings as something ice cold and smooth touched it lightly.

Something smooth, creamy, and cold gets slathered onto his rock hard erection.

Reduced to moaning his reactions to the opposing stimuli, he ejaculated, from the simple swallowing whole his hardness, the lips sucking hard on his right nipple, as his other nipple was pinched between strong fingers.

His lovemates weren't done with him yet however.

He felt his chest straddled, and smelled an erect cock wave before his nose.

Ahhhh, Simon. He knew that smell intimately.

Impishly he opened his mouth. Inviting it in.

Just as suddenly his still erect penis was taken into a tight, warm cavern.

Slick and hot. Tight and hot.

He felt strung tight between two lightning rods.

Simon reached up and removed the blindfold, then the earplugs.

And Jim's dark, silent world went techincolor.

From between Simon's spread legs, he could see Blair, blissed out on the feelings evoked by Jim's penis plunging in and out of his ass.

But then that beloved, face got closer as Blair suddenly went to work on rimming the hell out of Simon's hole.

Blair, ever the overachiever.

I could feel Simon swell in my mouth, feel him harden minutely more then he was before. A black diamond shrouded in silk. Warm, alive, vital.

I enjoyed the feeling of his shaved scrotum rubbing over my chin.

His shuddering and trembling progressing.

Becoming rough jerks between my mouth, and Blair's tongue.

For one millionth of a second, I smelled his release before I felt it move through his cock to the venturi that was his vas deferens. Then it burned my tongue, the rough of my mouth, and warmed my throat, as I partook and swallowed.

Through practice I had refined my tongue's senses of touch and taste, to tell the difference between his and Blair's semen. Simon's, bitter, thinner, and less volume. Blair's, salty, full of tannins and herbs, full of body through out it's volume.

Simon pulled out of my mouth and dismounted my torso, letting me see my Blair as he pleasured my body. I could hear the soft gasps of air, and see the moisture content of it as it left his lips. Perfumed with Simon's musk.
Blair leaned forward, I thought to kiss me. But no, to lick at my nipples and throat, and the corners of my mouth. Mixing the essence of Simon, with the taste of me.

Simon, got off the bed, and walked around to kneel on the floor behind Blair. Time for a little payback.

As Blair rose once more on my cock, Simon placed his one arm under Blair's armpit, while the other wrapped under Blair's thigh. Then he carefully turned our lover around, giving me an exquisite caress with Blair's inner walls.

Simon unfettered my ankles. And he turned me on my side, gently twisting me and lowering the man impaled on my manhood, to the bed. The gentle giant, my older lover, using his strength with care and love to orchestrate us to a higher level of mutual pleasure.

I felt him continue to arrange our limbs and bodies.

He now twisted Blair's torso so that it was facing up, allowing me the view of his pleasure twisted face. His breath held as he allowed Simon to pose his body.

The lower leg, placed between mine. The upper wrapped around my hips and over my back, tightly.

My upper leg flexed and the foot placed down onto the surface of the mattress momentarily. He climbed onto the bed, his head towards Blair, and his legs behind me. He picked up my leg and carefully placed it around his shoulders. Then he showed me how he wanted me to move.

Wow, this position placed such wonderful pressure along my penis.

My eyes closed as I concentrated on the feeling.

Then they snapped open as I felt a smooth creamy coated finger easing it's way into my body.

Blair gasped loudly as my hips snapped forward at the gentle invasion.

I almost crushed Simon with my thighs.

I in awe and the pre-orgasmic haze as Simon took Blair's cock in his mouth and started bobbing his head.

I felt my cock get squeezed even remarkably more tightly.

Eventually the finger became more.

And while I wished this mutual experience could almost last forever, as Simon's long fingers finally brushed over my prostate, I shouted as my come exploded into Blair. This triggered a similar reaction in him and he came. Flooding Simon with his ejaculate. So much that in need of air, Simon let the still streaming pink cock slip from his mouth. Soon his face was shiny with the remainder of Blair's essence.

I collapsed onto the bed.

My senses opened wide, I knew when Blair passed out for his intense pleasuring.

Simon, gently extracted himself from my legs. Slowly and exhaustedly moving to Blair's shoulders, where he maneuvered our lover so that his head rested beside mine. I watched as his eyes flickered slowly open as his lips spread into a gentle smile.

Simon unleashed my arms, then collapsed behind my back, where the two of them proceeded to wrap me up in their combined arms.

"Happy Birthday, Jim," was the dually whispered words from both sides as we slipped into sleep.