Ribbons and Bows

By: poyznelf

EMAIL: poisonelf@enter.net

It started small. It was just surprising.

This year Chanukah came early, and totally separate from it's Christian counterpart, Christmas.

This year for eight days and nights, Sandburg tied his hair with a bright blue satin ribbon.

Not big. Not showy. Just there, nestled in that rich curly hair shone a bit of shiny blue.

And unlike the simple black leather ties that were worn, this one screamed, "UNTIE ME."

Jim's fingers itched, twitched, while meanwhile he bitched.

His came alive, and he burned while he yearned to untie that bit of blue and let it drift to the floor as he sunk his fingers palm deep in those thick tresses.

But then Chanukah ended. All eight candles were lit in the menorah at the loft, and the blue ribbon was gone.

Jim hoped everything would go back to black leather.

But it didn't. It became worse.

It, that damned ribbon, turned red. Cardinal red. Silky, thick and bright, it took the blue one's place. Pulling those locks tight together, yet letting the red and gold highlights out.

He felt on the edge of a zone whenever he was around Blair, in a constant state of arousal, hot and cold flashes keeping him tense and doubly bitchy.

Then one evening it happened, they moved about the livingroom while hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree, and the fire that blazed merrily in the woodstove caught Blair's hair on visual fire. He was aglow with a ruby red halo.

Jim zoned.

Minutes later as Blair brought him out of it, he did what he had been dreaming about for weeks.

He let his hand drift lightly over Blair's cheek, passed his ear, and over his head till it reached the ribbon. He watched his hand as if he were detached from it. It reached the maddening thing and tugged gently.

Blair's hair, fell gently over his face and neck. Jim sank his fingers palm deep into it's thickness and sighed at it's silken feel. He brought Blair's head down to his lips and nose. He sank his face into his hand's nest, where he let his tongue slip out to taste.

He heard Blair's heartbeat speed, then a gentle, soft moan as a nose and lips nuzzled his ear. "Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmm…"

He brought his face out of it's sensuous home, only to have them seized by Blair's in a ravaging kiss.

When they finally broke apart, Blair's eyes locked with his, searching to read Jim's intentions, and reactions. A gentle smile drifted onto his lips, quickly turning playful as the following words flew from his lips, "So you’ve' untied one ribbon tonight Jim, do you think your up to another?"