Don't Know Why

By: poyznelf



He didn't know, so he made one up. To be honest neither did Naomi. She claimed she was high on motherhood at the time, and living at a naturalist commune in the Appalachians. Nobody there lived by a clock or a calendar, just by the sun, moon, and seasons. So when it was time for him to go to school for the first time, she let him pick his own. Oh, she told him his basic age in… seasons of course.

So for a week he stewed, puzzled, and tried out various dates. Then at the grand age of five summers, he decided on his official birthday to be February 23, 1968.

He really didn't pay it much mind after that. Only when filling out some important form or application.

So for the next twenty-one summers, he continued on. Never celebrating that made up date, or any other. Oh, he celebrated friends, and acquaintance's birthday's, but never his own. And he never really regretted it.

Yeah, there would be the odd pang of missing out on something fun, and warm, but in general since he never really knew different, he lived in bliss.

Then in his twenty-sixth summer, he met Jim. His Sentinel. And was quite surprised to find out that his official birthday, fell on the same day as Jim's real birthday.

So then he considered all the festivities in honor of Jim, to kind of be his too. Granted Jim got all the presents, and the toasts were all made in his honor, but Blair usually got a vicarious thrill too.

And for four summers, life was good.

Okay, sometimes very good, but just as often, very bad.

But still, he loved his years with Jim, he loved his shared birthdays, and he learned to celebrate a bit on his own.

Now Jim always went out on the night of his birthday. With his current girl, or guy, he'd go out to dinner, and dance.

Blair would stay home and have his own little ritual. He would get out a birthday hat that he had covertly saved from their second year, he would turn out all the lights, and light one candle for each of the years he had been with Jim, he'd sing Happy Birthday, blow out the candles, and make a wish.

The next morning he would still be alone in his bed, and life would go on.

But this year, just as he was blowing out his candles, Jim walked in…