All 5 Senses

By: poyznelf



He's staying.

How did I know?

It wasn't the fact that he came back to life.

It wasn't the fact that he stayed after the he committed professional suicide.

It wasn't that he went to the academy and learned to shoot and started carrying almost 24/7.

It wasn't that he became my full-time partner at the PD.

No, he bought pots and pans for the kitchen. Good ones. The best. Copper pots and pans with stainless steel lining, and knives. Sharp knives, the best forged steel his paycheck could afford.

Then he proceeded to give each and every cheap pot and pan to the Salvation Army.

Then with the phrase, "we just aren't gonna cook with that crap anymore Jim." He was off and cooking.

Ingredients got better. And food became a sensual delight. Filet of Salmon wrapped in homemade flake pastry, and served with a yogurt dill sauce, crepes stuffed with fresh strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier, with orange butter. Can we say yummmmm!

Next he bought sheets for MY bed. Not just any sheets, but 380 thread count Sueded Egyptian Cotton. In Navy. He said that they were a great deal and my senses should appreciate them. He wasn't kidding. Like flannel only better.

A 60 inch screen TV with Surround sound and a DSS satellite dish. Watching the Jags play on that is better then being at the stadium. No crowds, no line at the urinals, no overpriced crappy beer and snacks.

Oh man, the hot water heater. It's huge. We can both take reaaaaaaaaaaallly long showers. He bought it and had it installed one day while I was in court.

Last but not least, he bought five Oreck air purifiers, two large, and three small. One of the large ones went into my room, the other went into a corner of the common area downstairs. The small ones went into his room, the bathroom, and the last to my desk at the station. The air purifiers effect me two ways. One, I can let my sense of smell loose at the loft, and they also create a white noise, letting me sleep like a baby now.

I asked him why. He told me he had always wanted these things, but he had never had the ready or been settled enough to get them.

But then I put two and two together. I came up with two, as in couple, as in duet. He bought me sheets, but not himself. Each one of these things cared for a sense. The cookware, my taste. The sheets, touch. The TV, sight. The surround sound, hearing. And the air purifiers... smell. The water heater, that was just for my sense of comfort.

I realized then, that he wouldn't put all this time and money into a place he was leaving. He wouldn't care that I was cooking on cheap pots with crappy stainless steel knives. He cared that I was comfortable, he cared about his home.

Tonight he came home to something new. An open pair of arms, and an open loving heart.

And now that I have him, my senses could care less about the other stuff, other then they told me something I should have always known.

Blair Loves Jim!