We’re What… Naomi’s POV

By: poyznelf

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After all was said and done with Blair’s dissertation, I lit out of Cascade as fast as I could. But I knew I would have to face the music sooner or later. And unfortunately I could hear the band start tuning their instruments by the time the month was through. So I headed back, Just hoping that my key still worked. It did. Little did I know how much I would find out this time. When I got there of course Jim and Blair were not home, and I assume they were at work. Well I went into Blair’s room to drop off my bags. And I noticed what a mess it was, so I started to pick up the strewn about clothes. As I picked up the last shirt there it was… just lying there… innocent… open for the world (and me) to read. Blair’s journal.

My internal struggle began.

Wanted to read it, shouldn’t. Needed to read it, shouldn’t.

Have to read it, shouldn’t. Well the devil on my left shoulder won over the angel on my right and I sat there and started to read.

One particular entry caught my eye. It was entitled "Family of Choice."

Now the first few paragraphs and sentences brought a gentle proud smile to my lips.

Then suddenly the very breath was driven from my body and I felt like that girl from The Exorcist who’s head spins around, or like some of the demons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My beautiful son… my beautiful intelligent son… my stupid, insane son pictures his father as Simon "Jackboot" Banks. That means I slept with him, or at the very least picked out his donation from a sperm bank. Ooooooooh!

I start taking deep breaths, and chanting my mantra over and over. It takes me over an hour to become calm to the point were if Blair walked into the loft, I wouldn’t feel that I was going to ground him for eternity.

Okay the next order of business. Letting the boy’s "father" in on the news.Hey, I wasn’t the only one who was going to feel this discomfort whenever we were in each other’s presence.

So I marched on into the bullpen loaded for bear. Within seconds I spot my quarry sitting at his desk calmly chewing on his phallic sized cancer stick. Plowing my way through the room under full steam, I pound on his door!!! And walk right in before I am acknowledged."Captain Banks, have you seen this…

End – Naomi POV


We’re What… Simon’s POV

By: Jo Ann Thompson


" Captain Banks have you seen this?"

Six simple words that turned a relatively pleasant day into a major Headache. With the name Naomi all over it. Can we say shrieking harridan.

Anyway she throws this book down on my desk and starts pounding on the one page with her pointer finger (man that’s gonna be sore tomorrow) using it like Harrison Ford.

"Look at this, just look at it," Naomi screeches.

"Hello Miz Sandburg, what’s wrong?"

"Just read this damn you." She answers.

Okay now she is out of line, but to placate her, I lean over and read what she has been pointing at.

My first reaction is what the hell is she so upset about. Nothing seems wrong here.

"Miz Sandburg, what is this I am reading, I don’t see anything wrong here?"

"It’s his journal, I found it today. And when I read this… how can you say you don’t see anything wrong?" She replied snootily.

"His journal, his… you mean Blair’s? You’ve been reading your son’s journal? Your adult son!"

"You would understand if why it is good I did it if you would just read these two pages."

"Alright Miz Sandburg, let me see why you are so upset ( got your panties in a twist). Give me a moment to read this."

So against my better judgment I sat and read Sandburg’s Journal. As she paced my office like a caged and angry unfed animal. Back and forth, back and forth. It was very distracting. But I still managed to read.

The first two words that jumped out at me were Dad and Simon. In the same sentence. Then a whole bunch of assumptions of my coping skills. And then theidea of me and knickers. I wear a thong dammit. Not knickers.

But once I got past that first group of thoughts and images I settled on an Awwwww moment. He knows I worry. Then my cigar dropped from my mouth. And I know I started to hyper-ventilate as I started shifting my eyes from Naomi to the book and back again. Repeatedly.

"Nonononononono." I can’t marry her, I couldn’t. But she is pretty. And she has personality.

Stopitstopitstopit. Don’t go there. She is Sandburg’s mother for Chrissake. He goes nuts when she flirts with Ellison.

But he considers me Dad. Awwwwww.

My internal struggle waged on for a few more moments until a small pale hand slammed down on my desktop.

"Captain Banks, what are we going to do about this?"

"Look, Miz Sandburg, I don’t think it is anything to worry about. It is like a metaphor. Not reality. Just relax, we both know that what Blair is describing can’t ever happen, and he does admit that we both would freak. So just take this back to where it belongs and forget you ever saw it."

"And if I can offer one small piece of advice… Stop interfering in your son’s affairs. He is an adult and can take good care of himself."

And I ushered her to the door and out of my office. Good riddance.

Two Hours Later:

"Oh Sandburg, can you come here son. I need to speak with you…"

End – Simon POV


We’re What… Jim's POV

By: Jo Ann Thompson


Taggart and I walked into the main office of Major Crimes and I winced as the door to Simon's office slammed shut with a great rattling of the glass in the door